Friday, December 26, 2008


We had another blessed Christmas this year. Sherry Whitworth and Hands Extended from Yuma came and gave their annual Christmas bash, with gifts for all. Sherry and her Worker Bees sacrifice a lot of time finding great bargains and raising support for this event, and all at Caring Hearts were blessed by the presents. Everyone got new clothes and shoes among other items. We gave the gifts in a special way this year, letting the brothers and sisters and familys open their gifts together. Afterwards, we all ate tamales. The boys of Oasis received a special blessing thanks to our friends Jenny, Steve, Lee and his family - a brand new TV, Blu-Ray DVD and Sound System!!! They were over joyed with this. They had been watching a little 15" for several months now. We thank Hands Extended and all of our friends who helped us have a special Christmas. Enjoy the Pictures!


A typical Mexican Christmas was celebrated at the Boy's Home, with Homily corn soup and menudo served. We also had a bonfire. At midnight the home was blessed with gifts from Marcelo and Angelica's church, Renuevo in Portland Oregon. A brother who was visiting there said he could bring them down, and though he was going to Tijuana, headed on over and brought them to the door of Oasis. Each member of the Oasis family had an individual sponsor from which they received clothes and shoes. Thank you Renuevo church, for this special blessing for our boys.


Pastor Jose Luis and Alejandra had a special fellowship at their Bible study at Ramona's house. They shared testimonies and had tamales for lunch. God has been touching the hearts of people who live nearby and lives are being changed.


Sunday after church our friends from Hand's Extended ministries came and held a special program for the Indian Village. Over 133 families were blessed with a special gift from people in Yuma. Our friends from the La Sombra Baptist Church were on hand to help out, as well as some of the boys from the Oasis Boy's Home. Enjoy the pictures! We were blessed to see Viviana, Viridiana and Juana Carlos, who used to be at the orphanage but are now living with their aunt. We want to thank Sherry Whitworth and her worker bees for this wonderful blessing.


Tis the season for gift giving, and many of our sponsors came through this year for our children. Here are some pictures of our children with cards and letters from their sponsors. Thank you Sponsors! You help our kids have a joyous Christmas.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Rodolfo Schmalz has been in the adoption process now for 2 years and 4 months. Because of incompetent government officials, the Schmalz family is facing continuing difficulties to bring him home. We need prayer. We need you to pray that Senora Maria in Mexico City will have a heart of mercy and compassion and approve Rodolofos passport. She is the only person standing in the way. Because of clerical errors and differences in how Americans and Mexicans use their names, she has denied Rodolfo the right to go with his legal parents. Please pray!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Our "Where are you from" poll has closed and here are the results. In the past month we had 81 people view the blog and fill out the poll. 65 were from Pennsylvania, which was 80%. 3 people from Arizona checked in, and 5 each from Florida and Mexico. We had 2 others from east of the Missippi, and 1 from a foreign country (I think that may be my brother, who is in England now!). We will have a new poll this month, asking about how many times you have been to San Luis. We want to know more about you, so please fill out our polls, but just once a month please!

For you 81 who filled out the poll, I want to thank you. You are my Gideon's army, dedicated to praying and informing yourself on what God is doing in Caring Hearts. We couldn't do it without you, please tell your friends about the blog and keep checking in, new reports will be coming at least weekly, if not more. God bless you guys!


We had a blessed Saturday! First, at the soup kitchen, members of three different Rotaries and a local high school in Lake Havasu gave a Ham Dinner to all the folks. We thank Bob Moreno and Roger Spencer for there help in organizing all this.

At the same time, a group of vetinarians, who had done animal clinics in San Luis during the week, came and gave out ice cream and spent time with the children.

Meanwhile, in Bethel, a group of four churches from Phoenix provided a ham dinner for the children there. Our friend Doro and Lupe organized a great party with many gifts for all of the children. Over 40 young people came to spend time with the kids. They also had a pinata for the kids.

While that was going on, a church from Yuma came and gave out new toys to the children.

Enjoy the pictures!!!


For their Christmas Vacation, the boys are getting more experience laying tile. They are working on putting tile in Ken and Juana's house, and later will do the tile in the church bathroom. Pedro has taught them well and they will be completing the 80 square meter building in 5 days of work. We are proud of what our boys are able to do.


This past friday the generous folks of the Calimax Supermarket came to share gifts with the children of Bethel. They prepared a breakfast and gave out toys to all the children. During the month they have a Christmas tree where folks can sponsor the children. Thank you Calimax for the wonderful Christmas party!


Just a quick note to let you know that both are doing better. Jose is in his apartment in Somerton AZ recuperating. They want to keep him close to the hospital just in case, but he is doing better. Olegario is doing OK, but he will be under medication, he has been diagnosed with Asthma. Please continue to pray for both.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Here is a cute picture of my family after a busy day of work and play. Good night!


Christmas time is upon us, and that means visit from our friends of Hands Extended Ministries. Sherry Whitworth and her friends came in Monday with a trailer full of gifts for the children and staff of Caring Hearts and many needy people in San Luis. The following day they prepared all the gifts. Sunday they will have a Christmas party with many gifts at the Oaxaca Indian Village, and the 25th, it will be the big Christmas Bash at Bethel. Thank you Hands Extended, for all you do for San Luis.


Moises, Marcelo and Angelica's son, celebrated his 5th birthday Saturday afternoon at the Boys Home. 5 of the preschoolers who go to school with him at Eden School also attended. Fun was had by all as their were chili dogs, pinata and presents. Congratulations Moises!


A number of the children were without a Sunday School teacher one Sunday and they sat in on the adult class. I was sharing how we have to trust in Jesus in every moment of our life. The next day, they were preparing for their tests, and asked Juana if they could pray so they could put the test into the hands of the Lord. We are blessed when we see the children express genuine fruits of faith in their lives. They all passed the test and were praising the Lord the next day.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Dear Friends of Caring Hearts,

I was just informed by Jose's daughter that he had a seizure at the soup kitchen, fell and hit his head. There was hemoragging, so he had to be life flighted to Phoenix. It is Sunday, 9 AM now, and he will be in surgery shortly. Please be praying for this precious servant of the Lord and his family during this trying time.

Also pray for little Olegario Alberto, brother of Dulce and Magali at the orphanage. He had a bout of Pneumonia and is in the hospital. Juana is there taking care of him.


Thursday, December 11, 2008


The Christmas season is underway here at Caring Hearts. Our children with sponsors have prepared their cards for their friends. If you are a sponsor you will be getting your Christmas card soon. If you do not get one in the next three weeks, let us know, to see why you weren't on the list.

The kids helped Juana put up the tree in the church, which is always a fun time. The local supermarket Calimax has their tree up and are rounding up sponsors for their annual Christmas breakfast at Bethel. Sherry Whitworth of Hand's Extended in Yuma has been busy rounding up items for their big Christmas Bash here in San Luis. We are excited to see what God has in store this year.

If you want to send cards or gifts to a child or staff member, here are the addresses to use:

If you are using the U.S. Postal Service:
Caring Hearts
PO Box 990 PMB 863
San Luis, AZ 85349

If you are using UPS or Fed Ex
Caring Hearts
C/O of San Luis Business Center
689 Main Street #863
San Luis, AZ 85349

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Our friend Paul De La Torre came through for Nico and Guadalupe. We received their prosthetics, and Adalberto is helping them get situated with a local prosthetic specialist. Praise the Lord for Paul and his generous heart. He has helped these needy folks have a more dignified life. They were overjoyed with gratitude for what God had done for them through Paul.


This experience was so different from what I expected, and so much better. All the kids at Bethel have so much energy and are so happy and thankful. The missions we went on, specifically the woman's rehab center, were simply amazing. My time and the things I gained here in Mexico are indescribable. I thank God that I could go on this mission trip, and really want to come again. - Katie

This was such a special time for me. I really saw the Lord working in all of our lives. God really makes each of us special and we are so alike inside even though we look different. The kids each have their own special abilities and gifts and it was fun to get to know each one of them. - Sue Fahringer

Monday, December 8, 2008


I love seeing how God is working here and watching his plan unfold. When I came 7 years ago, Rosita played a plastic guitar in the playground, now she and her brother have the greatest rock and roll band in all of San Luis. The second time I came, I painted the tables and walls at Oasis and now I can see how God has used that home to raise up those boys. We put up the drywall in the teacher's dorms on my third trip and this trip I attended a very moving Bible study in the same building. I cannot wait to see the miraculous plans God has in store for Ken's house and the children of Bethel and Oasis. I hope it is in God's plan to have me continue to serve in San Luis and I will be back soon to see more of God's plan unfolding. - Max

When I first heard about this trip, I wasn't too exited about it. Going to another country was a scary thought for me. As the days grew closer to the day we left I became very scared. I was scared of what I was going to see in Mexico and how it would change me. After this experience, I would give up anything, any holiday, or an special event to come back to Mexico and do this all over again. I wish the week wouldn't end becuase Caring Hearts has become like a home to me. I will miss it and everyone associated with the orphanage. - Shane

This is my second trip here. As with my first, I leave here with a greater determination to deepen my faith in Jesus Christ and to be a bolder and more consistent witness for the Gospel. The time spent with the children of Bethel and Oasis is priceless. It is very easy to see the work of the Holy Spirit in San Luis in the community as well as Bethel and Oasis. I learn so much about myself and my faith when I am here. I feel that I receive much more than I give on these trips. It is my hope and prayer that God will lead me back here again. - Dave

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Here are some more testimonies from the Lebanon group. It always amazes me how these trips change the lives of young people.

I first came to accept the Lord Jesus Christ in middle school after a series of classes I took with my church. This trip has only strengthened my trust and faith in Jesus Christ after seeing his work and ministry being done in Mexico. The people here have so little, yet their faith in God is outstanding. This trip really opened my eyes and made me realize how fortunate we have it, so that means we must really give our time and effort to others even more. The work being done with Caring Hearts ministries is a wonderful thing and a true blessing to God. - Lindsey

I never thought it would be possible to have such a good time on a mission trip. Before coming here, I had never done a mission of any kind and I had no idea what to expect. I had also never been to Mexico. this trip entirely exceeded all of my expectations. The children were wonderful and I am so happy that I was able to form relationships with them. Doing the ministry activities throughtout the week was also an experience that I am very grateful fo. It really showed me that religion and the belief in God are universal and bring people together. This trip helped me to grow as a Christian and as a person in general. It was really an amazing experience. - Sarah

I feel God has called me to come back to Bethel since my first trip in 2005. The children and the adults here have been in my thoughts and prayers and it was a privilege to help plan and lead a trip with such a wonderful group so that they could experience God's blessings the way I did. I was blessed again by this trip and I loved watching others get to know and love the kids at Bethel and Oasis the way I do. I was also blesed by the outside ministries. We had a wonderful and spirit-filled time at the women's drug rehab center. Everyone in our group gave a testimony and the people in our group were sad to leave. I am looking forward to how God will call me in the future to serve the beautiful people in Mexico (Bethel, Oasis and beyond). Here I am Lord! - Leslie


A local paper in Pittsburgh, the Tribune Review, had a nice article on the trip Evangel Heights made. Here it is for you to see.


Friday, December 5, 2008


The Lebanon presbyterian group has posted all of their photos on the web, you can see them here:

Also, take a look at Caring Hearts 5 years ago. I always enjoy seeing how the kids have changed. These are pictures from Lebanon Presbyterians trip of 2003:

Our friend Scott Fahringer from this group provided us with these links. Thanks Scott! Also, he sent me this link, which will give you the exact location for the perfect vacation, a vacation that will change your life. Click below and see if you recognize it!


When I first thought of visiting Mexico, I though of how many live I was going to touch. It truly has been the other way around. Being with the people here has given me a new view on life. I have seen people who had next to nothing, living in cardboard boxes and eating food they find in dump sites, smiling as they work and play because even though to us they have nothing, to them they have God and that is all they need. I saw in every child's face, all the faces of the people at the nursing home and on the streets, God smiling back at me because people here were so full of love and the Holy Spirit. It was a life changing experience to be here, and I will never forget it. - Curtis

Before this trip, my spiritual life was stagnant. I felt like it was the same repititious routine: Go to church, pray before bed and that was about it. Thank God for this trip because it opened my eyes to a whole new perspective as to how to live my life. The children/adults of San Luis contain an energy for God that is lacking in the majority of people where I live. I hope I can make it back because this trip truly changed my life. Thank you Caring Hearts. - Zach

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I really learned a lot on this trip. In the beginning, I was worried a little bit about the language barrier. Almost as son as I arrived, I knew that wouldn't really be a problem because when I saw the smiles on the faces of all the kids, I knew that was the language we shared. Everything was wonderful and although I hope we blessed many people in the week I was here, I know that I got back so much more! I will always remember this trip. Thank you! - Tristan

When I was coming down here I was nervous and scared. There were so many doubts running through my mind, mostly the language barrier. Whenever I got here, I saw the smiling faces of the kids. The Lord was truly here and all my fears were gone. the boys at Oasis also were truly touched by God. Overall this trip was amazing. I wish to come back and help soon. - Curtis

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Here are some pictures of our Caring Hearts kids taken by the Lebanon Presyterian Church. Enjoy!


Last week we had a group of 21 people from Lebanon Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh visit us. They hanged all the dry wall at the coordinator house, and ministered in the streets, women's rehab,nursing home, soup kitchen and the dump. They also had daily crafts for the children at Bethel and blessed the boy's home with an old fashioned boy scout style cookout. All had a blessed time and they were truly a blessing for San Luis and Caring Hearts. Here are some pictures from their trip. In the next few days I will be sharing some of their testimonies.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Whew!!! Another group has come and gone, and I will be getting a report on them soon. It is hard to keep this up daily with so much going on, but I should have more time in the next few weeks to keep you posted. The Christmas season is upon us, and I am sure we will have a lot of activity from local folks as they remember the children during the holiday season. Keep on checking in during the week, we will have a lot to look at.

I want to thank the 43 people who have filled out our survey, if you haven't done it yet, take the time to do so. It only takes a second, just one question, and you will let me know how many folks are checking in and where they are from.

God bless and have a good week!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


A group from Hands Extended Ministries in Yuma, AZ visited us this past Sunday. We did a program in the Indian Village and gave out ice cream Sundaes. Our friends Rich and Lori Barcelona from the Sombra Baptist Church brought a number of folks from their church who helped out as well. The older boys of Oasis served the sundaes. Over 200 people enjoyed this special treat. Afterwards, ice cream and toppings were donated to Bethel and Oasis. We thank Sherry Whitworth from Hands Extended for all the work she does for San Luis during this holiday season.