Friday, May 28, 2010


“I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.”
II Timothy 1:5

These are words that Apostle Paul wrote to a young pastor named Timothy. Timothy accompanied him on mission trips, planted churches and was the first Bishop of Ephesus. It seems that Paul had known him since he was a boy and that he was blessed to have Godly parents who taught him the Bible. Were you that fortunate?

My Grandma Simpson came to live with us for a few weeks when I was about 8 years old. She had severe rheumatoid arthritis and had been in a wheel chair for more than 30 years. She wasn’t able to go to church, but she read her Bible every day and preached to anyone who would listen. She had me memorize the names of the first 5 books of the Bible and although she moved back to my Aunt’s house and I didn’t really understand salvation she was instrumental in my coming to the Lord several years after she died.

The things I learned when my parents took me to the Episcopal Church were also stepping stones in my spiritual journey. I was fortunate to have those experiences. The kids at Bethel and Oasis don’t have that heritage. Most come from broken, dysfunctional and abusive homes. The only Godly Grandparents and parents they will ever know are the volunteers who go down there, hold them, love them and teach them by word and example what it means to be a Christian. When you ladies do that you become the children’s “Lois” or “Eunice” and you men are like Paul; a spiritual father to sons and daughters in the Lord.

All of you who are unable to go but who pray and donate to Caring Hearts are a part of the spiritual heritage of a Mexican girl or boy. Thank you for investing in these precious little ones. You will never know in this life how great an impact you had on so many.

Be Blessed in 2010
Pastor Gary Simpson.


Well, we have started using the AC in the new children's church, and it is working great, makes me want to be a kid again! We also had a sound system donated to us by our friend Mike in West Virginia, and it is a great addition. All we need now are some new lights, and we will have a top flight children's church sanctuary. The only problem, it will be a matter of time and it will be too small! Here are some pictures from last night Children's Church:


Staci Hughes from Slippery Rock College and Cornerstone Church has come for the second year in a row to teach the children English. She is doing a great job, teaching all age levels. She is also befriending and blessing the older girls. Here are a couple of pictures.


Staci, Pedro, Paola, Aaron David, Juana and Ken all have birthdays in the last half of May so Sandra, one of Pedro's disciples from the Oasis Bible study threw a party for everyone. We did it at Pedro's house so Fran could join in the fun. Here are some pictures.


After a long absence from Mexico, our friends from the ACTS Church in Bedford PA came to visit us once again. They helped paint our Bible School/Classrooms, ministered to the children, city orphanage and dump. They also spent time at The Hope House, a ministry for women here in town. Here are there testimonies and pictures.

My testimony is about the kids. It just makes me feel so joyful when we get out of the van to see all the kids running toward you and wanting to play. I have never seen so many friendly kids and I wish I could see more of it in the U. S. I get the best feeling ever when I see the kids and get to play with them. I am thankful I got to go on this trip and I am excited for future trips. - Josiah

This was my second trip and I loved it as much as the first. There is such a need for God and love in San Luis and being able to be a part of sharing God's love and word is just so awesome! When doing the VBS, we see kids that are not from Bethel, but those kids want to learn more of God's word as much as the rest. Seeing this helped show me that no matter what, I need to continue seeking more of Christ and sharing more of God's word. I love coming to San Luis and plan to come again in the future. - Justin

This was my second trip to San Luis. I knew what to expect, but this time my expectations were more than met. We arrived with greetings of love, and were sent home the same way. The people here are so receiving of the Gospel and can easier understand God's word and love through groups with Caring Hearts. People who have so little and strive for hospitality and comforts of others deserve so much appreciation. As we were walking the streets here, I didn't believe that we were handing out many fliers for VBS, but to my amazement, almost all of the kids we handed fliers to had come out. As always, my trip to San Luis was such a blessing and I hope to return soon ! Yo tengo un amigo que me ama, me ama, me ama, Su nombre es Jesus !!
Dios te Bendiga - Erika

My testimony would be dancing with the older girls and going to the dump. The older girls are really good with dances. Michaela and I taught them the dance "Shackles". I think they show their passion for God through dance. I feel they will get more comfortable with it. Going to the dump, really opened my eyes to see that they barely have anything. At home, we have so many things that we take for granted. This is my 3rd trip to Mexico. I love it here. God Bless. - Alyssa

This was my second trip to Bethel. I definitely had one of the best times of my life being here. First of all, there are the kids. They are so loving to everyone that they meet and it is impossible not to give them the same back. This time around, I know a lot more Spanish than the first time. It made interacting with everyone so much more enjoyable. I was able to understand a good bit of what people where saying. My Spanish speaking got a least twice as good. Going around to different places in San Luis was a great experience also. I got to see how horribly some people have to live. All in all, I loved being here and hope to be on any mission trips here in the future. - Jordan

This is my fourth trip to Bethel and each time I feel like it was a new experience. Like in the years previous, the kids always steal my heart. It is so easy to love them and get to know them, but it is so hard leaving them. In the future I would love to be able to stay longer than one week. I love coming to Mexico and being part of all of the ministries and spreading the gospel to all in San Luis. Part of my heart is and always will be with the kids here at Bethel and San Luis. I cannot wait to come again next year. I don’t think I can wait three years again. I love this place and cant wait to come back. God Bless. -Tyler

It was such a blessing to be back in San Luis again. Reuniting with old friends and making new friends was such a blessing. God is continually working in the lives of the people of San Luis. It was so encouraging to listen to the many testimonies of the shut ins who have received Gods presence when visited by other groups. It was so good to be back in San Luis but so hard to say goodbye to our special friends. May God continue to bless you!! See you soon. -Dee

This was my first mission trip and what a pleasure to share my time with the people of San Luis. While visiting shut ins I was both struck and humbled by the sincere gratitude of people who have so little, materially speaking. While visiting the dump, it was such a pleasure to be with a guide who cares deeply for people and treats all people with dignity and respect. The time spent with the children will be memories I will cherish for a life time! Precious children full of energy and life giving of themselves to total strangers. They are all so easy to love, kind and friendly, eager to greet you. Thank you staff for serving these little ones and for all you do, you are a tremendous blessing. May your reward be great! Blessings. - Tammy

A long car ride, a plane ride, and another long ride in a van makes for a grueling day. But its all swept away as soon as you step out of the van and a precious little child hugs you and leads you by the hand to play, wanting nothing from you but love and affection. Then, before you know it, a week has passed and you are saying goodbye to so many wonderful people, both young and old. Even some of the older girls and boys, young woman and men really, hold on for a long time when they feel your loving hug, then come around two or three more times for more hugs, showing how much they miss having a loving father to hold them. Still, no matter how much love you give in San Luis, you always receive much more in return. You can not out give the Lord. -

My testimony would be when we went to the shut ins. It really was amazing to be able to go to peoples houses and pray for them. Also being around everyone really made me see that if you really put yourself out there to meet someone it really touches them. That’s exactly what the kids did. They met us for the very first time and they were sitting on our laps. I loved it! Also, same way with the people around town, older girls, and older boys. They were very nice and very polite, I love you all! God bless and I hope to be back ASAP. -Abigail

It was a humbling experience for me to visit the homes during the shut in visitations. I was amazed at how the people, though very poor and with bad health, were so content and praised God the entire time we were there. Their gentle, giving spirit touched my heart, and I was amazed at how each person wanted prayer for others besides themselves. God definitely spoke to me in this experience and I will continue to pray for these beautiful songs and daughters of the King. - Lane

My testimony would be getting the opportunity to teach some of the older girls Shackles. It was a lot of fun getting to work with them. This opportunity was definitely from God because the girls had recently just started the dance group and there were some songs that we dance to that they also really wanted to learn, however we only had enough to teach them one dance. Overall, this trip really touched me because the people her are so grateful and unselfish. Seeing that really helped me because back home, I sometimes get too caught up in my own little world that I forget about other things that are more important. I’m really glad I had the opportunity to go on the trip and I hope to come back again. - Michaela

This was my fourth trip to San Luis and it has been the best yet. Being down here is great. There is just such a spirit of thankfulness here. The people are so thankful and I have come away so blessed by them. They have been a bigger blessing to me then I think I was to them. I love coming down to San Luis and I cant wait to be back again. Many Blessings. - Tessa

Thursday, May 13, 2010


The group from Grace Methodist in Indiana PA has been working all week on a bathroom for Adriana's new apartment. Javier and the boys from Oasis will finish up the work. Here are some pictures:


Pedro took Fran to an orthopedist yesterday, and he told her that the fracture is not that bad, that she can move and sit, but she should stay off her feet for two weeks. Here are some pictures of the car that Pedro took. It is truly a miracle that they were not more severely hurt.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Graciela and Ines blessed our friends from Indiana PA who led the group in January who built Graciela's house. Tacos for everyone and a time of fellowship was had. Tim, Sandy, Lonnie and Deann were excited to see the house completed and lived in, and Graciela was overjoyed with the opportunity to give thanks for the work they did. Here are some pictures:
Tim and Ken check out the house. Photo by Kendi

Enjoying some Tacos.
Kendi shows off her hula hoop prowess. She hula hooped 805 turns without stopping!
IUP Group with Graciela and her children.


Our friends Steve and Jenny Marsalese visited Oasis for a few days, to celebrate mothers day and their friend Luis Adolfo's birthday. They were a big help during a troubling time as we all were worried about the Alvarado family. Here are some pictures from their visit:

Luis Adolfo and Steve
Luis Adolfo, Jenny and Daniel at Dairy Queen.
Jenny, Steve, Luis, Luis' mother and friend
Jenny Helps with Homework
Jenny Helps clean.


Fran is in good spirits though she is bedridden, Sarai and Karla are feeling fine. Pedro is home and is resting and looking after Fran for the time being. Here are some pictures from a recent visit from Juana.
Juana with Fran
Karla and Kendi
Don Pays a Visit.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Fran, Sarai and Karla are in San Luis. I am sorry to say that I misunderstood the nature of Fran´s injuries when Claudia and Pedro told me over the phone. It turns out she has a fractured pelvis, and not a ruptured appendix. She has been ordered to be in bed, immobile for 3 weeks, and then they are going to see how she is doing. PLEASE pray for her because as I am sure you can imagine, this will be a very difficult time for her. She can´t turn over, get up or do anything. Her mother and sister, along with her daughters and friends will be there to care for her, but she will need a lot of spiritual uplifting to get through this trial. Pray for Pedro as well, as I am sure it will be difficult for him to see his wife in this condition. Karla is doing OK, but has to wear a whiplash collar, and seems to be traumatized by the event. Sarai is suffering headaches, but otherwise is doing OK.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Praise the Lord! With the pledges we received and a change of plans and discount I worked out, we will soon have AC for our Children's Church. Thank you for your prayers and support.


Pedro wrote me to confirm that Fran is coming back via ambulance to San Luis today. Pedro will be staying to tie up some loose ends with the car. Good friends of the ministry from Confluence PA have pledged 150 to help with the expenses. We only need 270 more. I spoke at length with Pedro and it seems that something broke on the car and made the wheel go the wrong way, causing them to skid and flip. Fran suffered the most injuries, had stitches in the head and foot, and is suffering from a ruptured appendix. She will have to be in bed for 3 weeks. She will return in the ambulance with Sarai, Karla, her mother and sister. Pray for a safe trip for them.


The Alvarados will be on their way back to San Luis today. They have arranged for Fran and Karla, who are still hospitalized, to come back so they can be near their home. Her mother and sister are flying up from Aguascalientes to be with them, as Fran has been ordered to stay in bed for 15 days. Pedro was released from detention and should be coming home as well. Sarai found time to report on Facebook that she was in pain and sad, but thankful and blessed at the same time, acknowledging the hand of God on them during the accident. The Red Cross will be charging 420 dollars to bring the Fran and Karla home, if there is anyone who would like to help with that expense, let us know.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I just talked with Claudia. She is in the hospital trying to get Karla out. Because she is not her mother or father, they are making her go through a bureaucratic mess to release her. Juana talked with Fran, and she said she sounded fine. She had stitches in her head and foot, an injury to her arm and may require 15 days rest before she can travel. Apparently Pedro is still being held by the police. They won't release him until Fran and Sarai appear before the judge to forgive him as the driver, which will be difficult because Fran is in the hospital. Claudia sounds tired and frustrated. Please continue to pray. The good thing is there were no third parties, so there won't be any problems for that, but there will be medical expenses. They have insurance, but it may not cover everything. Keep praying!


I found out some more details. Apparently the car went off the road and flipped over, no one else was involved, which is a relief. Fran and Karla were ejected from the car, and are still hospitalized, but are in stable condition. Sarai was let out of the hospital this morning. Keep checking the blog for further news, and please keep praying. Ken


Dear Friends of Caring Hearts,

I was just informed that Pedro, Fran, Sarai and Karla were involved in a car accident on their way to their hometown of Hermosillo. The three girls are in the hospital, Pedro is in police custody. Their oldest daughter Claudia is there helping the best she can. Please be praying for their well being, strength and wisdom during this situation. I am sure there will be economic needs presented before this is all done, be praying for provision in that area as well.



Mexico has a special day for children every April 30th. We at Caring Hearts celebrated it in different ways. Enjoy the slide show of the different events.


Praise the Lord! We have 2 faithful friends who have stepped forward to help us with this need. A young couple from Grove City and a church in Delmont PA have come together and pledged 1600. We just need 900 more to get us over the top. The weather is getting hot, and the Children's church room will soon be unusable without AC, so please lend us a hand so we can continue to bless the children of our community. We have painted the room, hung curtains and made a puppet stage, we just need the AC to make it complete. Don't delay, pledge today!