Wednesday, June 16, 2010


A group from Cornerstone Ministries blessed us this past week with a group of 19 people. They helped us paint the Junior High School that our kids go to, and ministered to young and old throughout San Luis, with songs, drama and testimonies. Here are some photos and testimonies.

Hi, My name is Morgan. I’m 14 years old and this is my 2nd trip to Mexico. My testimony is rather simple. I have been struggling with my faith and belief in God over the past few years. However, by seeing and hearing of the miracles happening in this small city, my faith has been restored. Mexico saved my relationship with Christ and I now am on FIRE for the Lord! – Morgan

This is my first mission trip. I really didn’t know what to expect. I talked with those that have been here to get an idea of what to expect. I felt that God really wanted me to come on this trip. Now that the week has come to an end, I feel that God has showed me things that I needed to see and feel. I know that I am not the most compassionate person I now have more compassion in my heart than when I arrived in Mexico. I am truly blessed to live in the United States. A piece of me will always be in Mexico and I hope to return. I will keep Caring Hearts in my thoughts and prayers always. Thank you for the opportunity to serve! -Jay

My beliefs have changed this week. I now don’t believe I live a life any better in America. I now believe that it is just different. We are all God’s children and have the grace to live any where in the world God desires. It is all about god in this life and not about us. Caring Hearts ministry will always be a special place because this is a special place ad God’s presence is truly there in all the leaders and the people of San Luis. – Randy

Before I came to San Luis, I prayed that I would be a blessing to those here. What a surprise to find that god blessed ME through the many different people that I met. I saw the things that break God’s heart and my heart was broken. But I also saw the pure joy of the Lord and heard praises to God in a language that I could not understand the words. And although I didn’t understand the words spoken, I learned that the language of God – LOVE – can be spoken anywhere, anytime, through a smile or a touch or a hug. Singing praise songs to God in a language I didn’t speak felt even more sincere because I was able to focus on Him more. I have been inspired to go home where I do speak the same language as my neighbors and to speak the truth of Jesus boldly like Ken and Juana and Virginia and Aldaberto and the other wonderful staff of Caring Hearts. I wade doubly blessed to e here with my sever\n year old son. Seeing him play with the children of Bethel and the true joy they shared warmed my heart. God is moving in San Luis and He is mightily using Caring Hearts Ministries. Thank you for the many blessings I received. I pray that someone in Mexico was touched by my son and me the way that we were blessed by them! There is so much need here, and I pray God will continue to use my family and me in some way at caring Hearts! – Corri

Learned more “espenonol” and I hope they all get adopted. And God touched me with his love. Aaron (Seven years old.)

This year as I returned to Mexico, I was having problems with worrying too much and not trusting God enough. Just being around people with only enough for that day. They trust that God will take care of them and watch over them. It helped me realize that God will watch over me too. – Liafaith.

This is my fourth trip here to San Luis. I love having a Christian family at Bethel and having everyone greet you. Aldalberto Garcia is always the one I look forward to seeing most. He has become like a father to me. My favorite times this year were following him around. I loved painting with him! He has such a caring sweet spirit. Adalberto has a servant heart. He truly shows what it means to be Christ-like. God has really shown me that Mexico is home because that’s where He wants me to be. – Amy

This has been my fourth trip to Caring Hearts and in some ways, the best. The week went slowly, which I was grateful for, bit I only wish the mission went on for at least one more. I enjoyed the services we did for others, the children at Bethel, and just being HOME. The air conditioning in the women’s dorms was good also, and was nice when it was very hot outside. But all in all, this trip was incredibly enjoyable and San Luis feels more like home as ever; I hope I’ll come back many more times. – Becky

I have always wanted to go on a mission trip but I never really knew of any. Then, the chance came to go to Mexico and God put the excitement in my heart and my parents let me and my sister go. Seeing the children all excited when we first arrived made my heart jump for joy. They were so ready to give love to us and also receive love from us. This really reminded me to love everyone because that’s how we showcase God’s love. Also, the elderly people at the nursing home touched my heart. They families, for some of the, never came to visit and they seemed so alone. However, when we were praising Jesus you could see the joy spread across their faces and that their love for Jesus was strong. This reminded me that you need God when God all you have. Many other experiences such as these have taught me so much and helped me grow with the Lord. I will definitely be coming back another time. – Madie

At the beginning of my trip the enemy tried to stop me from doing God’s work! Thanks to the medical field and prayer I returned back to normal. I had severe swelling and itching of my hands and feet that much have been an allergic reaction. I met a young girl at the Indian village we went to that was handicap and crying. Her family asked me to pray for her. She stopped crying soon after and there were many people surrounding me by the end of the prayer. The next day she was at the church we went to and had a lot more joy in her. I was also able to give my testimony to a woman’s rehab! I found that to be a great experience to help others. Everything is a reflection of God’s grace. – Michelle

Being it was my first mission trip outside of the US I was concerned about being able to communicate or be of any real help. After getting here and finding out between God, a translator and just being me sharing God’s love there is no real barrier. The trip here reminded me of our trip to the Philippines to adopt our son Dan, of how poor everybody in these areas are, and how privileged we are – Jim

Honestly for a lot of this trip I felt like I was in a fog. Seeing people at the dump and in tiny houses seemed unreal to me. I think I realized that I take so many things for granted in my life. So many people just yearned and wanted the love of Jesus. I guess I am learning that it is true when people say when you have nothing you really do need Jesus because He is everything. It was so amazing to me because I think that I would be angry and upset in their situation. So though I came to minister to others I think that I had also been ministered to just as musch. Thank you for everything you are doing here. God is working in wonderful ways. - Kailey

Friday, June 11, 2010

RON HEMBREE 1938-2010

It is with great sadness that I inform you that last night the president of Cornerstone Television and our friend Ron Hembree went home to be with the Lord. At the same time we rejoice for we know he is in eternity receiving his bountiful reward in the Lord.

Ron was an integral part of my Christian life for many years. I worked on his first daily programs Rejoice and Project 90. We also worked closely together on programs I produced, Inside Report and Vintage Videos. I was the first missionary to appear on the Project 90 program and that helped me raise the initial support I needed to go to Mexico full time. His love of missions was infectious, and it is that love that has made CTV an integral part of what we are doing here in Caring Hearts. Ron also had a love for orphans and always looked for ways to help them all over the world. Our children here are also grateful, because they have been beneficiaries of his generous and loving spirit.

We will miss Ron, and we are praying for his wife Cathy and his family as they pass this time of sorrow. At the same time, we continue on with the work given to us by God, knowing that Ron is in His arms cheering us on. If he could, he would tell us to keep on loving the orphans and keep on reaching out to the lost souls, because it is all worth it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Here are a couple of testimonies from the Renne family, who visited us recently:

I love sharing life with God's family all over the world. It has been a wonderful experience to come here and worship with my brothers and sisters in Jesus and to share in their culture. Trips like this remind me and show me that Jesus is King in every country, in every culture....He always deserves ownership. Every tongue will confess He is Lord - we worship in Spanish and English. Every knee will bow to Him. Mexico belongs to God as does all the world, and the best way to really understand the majesty of that is to experience it. - Fidelia

I very much connected with Adalberto. His passion to see God move is inspiring.....and something I both share and find contagious. I always desire to see God move, but my expectation waxes and wanes. Whatever is "contagious" in Adalberto caused my expectations to "wax" (increase). When we went to the rehab center, 15 or more women gave themselves to the Lord, one or more was crying (one in particular caught my attention).* That was fun ! The shut-in ministry was also fun. We took pictures and wrote down each person's name and prayer request. For one school year we plan to have each person's pictureand prayer request, and plan to continue to pray for them. Adalberto promised to let us know how God moves. I am confident of 2 things: God will move and Adalberto will let us know how !

I very much enjoyed the children, several of whom are particularly dear to me. I enjoyed ministering to them, but I think my favorite part is ministering with them. I especially enjoyed having my daughters join the Mexican girls in ministering TOGETHER to the church through liturgical dance. That was a lot of fun! Virginia started teaching us how to use the tamborines, and I plan to buy the DVDs.

This is our third mission trip to Mexico as a family, and by far the easiest for us. I would like to do my part in connecting other missions oriented families with your organization. I say it was easiest in these ways: Not terribly far (we could drive), not terribly expensive, and well organized . I have found that there is much interest on the part of families, but there are barriers (cost, distance, how to get organized). Caring Hearts had the least barriers. - Marietta Renne

Friday, June 4, 2010


Pedro's wife and Oasis helper Fran is doing much better and insisted on going to church Thursday night. She still suffers some pain and atrophy, but she is getting better each day. Thank you for your prayers.


The bathroom for Adriana which was started by our friends from Indiana PA was recently completed by our new worker Javier along with some of the boys from Oasis. Here are some pictures:


Last night Pastors Manuel and Jose Luis baptized 8 young people during our Thursday service. God is moving throughout the church and young people are coming to know the Lord. We give thanks to God for the power of His Holy Spirit to convince people of what Jesus has done for them.
Here are some photos:


We have been blessed this week with the presence of the Rene Family from Columbus Ohio. They have been helping by painting, visiting shut ins, spending time with the kids, and teaching liturgical dance. They found out about us through our website. They were planning their vacation in the desert southwest, and wanted to include a week of missions. They are a testimony of what a family vacation can be if it is spent serving the Lord. Here are some pictures: