Thursday, April 29, 2010


For the first time since the earthquake I went to the center. Here are some pictures of the Sears that burned down.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Our daughter Kendi participated in her first spelling bee. She had no mistakes and shared first place with 4 other children in her class. Here are the highlights:


Two of our long time friends, graduates of Geneva College, visited the Boys home for a few days last week. Jessica and Kerrianne spent time with their old friends and made new ones and blessed the home with a new computer. Thanks Jessica and Kerrianne, for bringing and being a blessing to our boys.


Last week we had a small group of 3 pastors from Florida who ministered with us. They helped us by painting our playground, one of our outer walls and our children's church. They also ministered in a number of churches, rehab centers, the nursing home and our shut ins. Thank you John, Merrienne and TJ for your faithful and generous service.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Thanks to a vibrant food ministry, our church has been growing. We are now doing children's church Thursday nights because we have over 50 children attending, and that does not include the Bethel kids. We are doing this in the large room upstairs in the church. Very soon, it will be unbearably hot in there, and we will have to suspend this ministry, UNLESS people come through for us and gives 2500 to put air conditioning in. If you want to help us continue to give special ministry to the children of our neighborhood, please consider lending us a hand in this project.


Here is Kendi making a house for a school project, just like Papa Harold!


Both Bethel and Oasis are learning new Hebrew style praise dances. Sarai is teaching the girls and boys of Oasis, while Virgina has started working with the girls at Bethel. With this last group, they had their first presentations. Here are some pictures:


This month we had a Bible School graduation, with one of our biggest classes. 12 students received their certificates of completion and will now be activated into service for one year. After that they will receive their diplomas and will be Christian workers. Pastor James Leake shared words of motivation to the graduates, and the American group was on hand to celebrate with our students.


This is a testimony of what a day in San Luis is like for our director Papa Harold. It was the Tuesday of his group's trip. As with all the days, the whole group was up at 6:30 AM, sharing devotions and breakfast. After that the construction team went out, and Harold tagged along with them to make sure all was well in the different sites. At 11:30, we had our staff lunch, where Harold shared words of encouragement. After that he came to me and said he was tired, and I said, go take a nap. Then he said "what are you going to do?" And I told him I was going to check on the status of the earthquake victims to see if we going to minister to them or not. He said "I am going with you." So off we went to the central park. There they informed us that there were not many left there, but that there was a big camp of victims in Riito, over 40 miles away. Both Harold and I looked at each other with tired eyes, and he said "We gotta do it." So we rallyed our ministry team and drove out to Riito, I drove one van and Harold the other. On our arrival we started our program. Papa Harold noticed that there were chairs and a pulpit set up on the other side of the road, and he went to see what was going on. It was a pastor who was doing a service for the victims. So while we did a children's program, Papa Harold shared at a program for adults. When we were done handing out candy, we go in the vans and went to see the town and its damage. We then returned back to Bethel, and when we sat down to eat, it was 8:30 PM...14 hours without stopping...amazing when you consider that Papa Harold is only...80 years old! It is amazing to see God work through this man, a testimony for us all.


Crack caused by the earthquake.

I was out buying supplies for the group to give out to the city orphanage and nursing home. The cashier asked me if I was donating them to the people who were left homeless by the earthquake, and I asked, where are they at? Here a number of peoples homes in the farm region south of San Luis had been damaged, and they had set up a camp in the central park for them. I went and made arrangements to visit them. The day we were to go, I was informed that most in the park had returned, but another camp had been set up by another town, about 40 miles away. We had to travel and hour and we found them, set up along a dirt road in tents, over 800 people. We did a gospel program for them and brought rice, beans and toilet paper. The children were very well behaved and the people appreciative. God moved in a great way. Pray that their living situations can be settled and that they can return to their homes soon.


While Papa Harold was here, the group treated our entire staff to a lunch. All but two were able to attend, and we were all blessed by the words of encouragement from Papa Harold and Pastor Jim Leake. We also presented new staff members, Javier and Virginia Ochoa. They are an answer to prayer, and will be helping Ken and Juana and the rest of our team in many different ways. Virginia is fluent in both English and Spanish, writing and speaking, and Javier has experience in different areas of construction. Pray as we make the adjustments needed for them. Here are some pictures:


We had one of our largest ministry and construction teams in a long time in town this month. It included members of our Dream Team construction crew, who made a warehouse for the City Social Services, and a small house for one of the members of our church. Meanwhile, the youth ministry team was serving the people of San Luis all over town with dramas, puppets and testimonies. Here are some pictures and testimonies:
Being asked to share devotions was an honor and so was being asked to pray a prayer of dedication over the house we built for Adriana. I liked the male bonding in coming together as a team to accomplish our projects. This was just my first mission trip to San Luis, and it gave me an appreciation for all of those who have been here many times before. One lesson which I have learned in life is that you only have as much fun as the people you are with anytime you go on a trip together. This trip was truly fun and the people were like family. My thanks go out to our entire kitchen staff for keeping us well fed. Thanks to all of those who organized the trip. - Wayne
I came on the missionary trip thinking I was here for support of my sister and to spread the love of Jesus, but instead found she made her journey full circle and I was part of it, what a blessing. I have also found the reason God sent me on this trip not expecting it. We visited the shut-ins and I was blessed to meet a beautiful lady named Santa Ramirez. She lived in a small home of wooden walls and had almost nothing, I thought. She had a heart of gold and Jesus in her heart, the most important of all. Santa was blind and had diabetes and hated being a burden to her children. We prayed over Santa that day and the presence of God filled her home. Tears were wept and hearts were filled. I do not believe our group prayed harder for anyone. Our group prayed for her health and her eyesight. That day she said there was little improvement, but we know that through faith she will some day be able to see and I will continue to pray for her every day. I took my bracelet and put it on her wrist, because I know someday she will be able to see it and will never forget the day we visited her. I look forward to visiting Santa again some day. -Kim
I did not know what to expect when I came to Mexico. I have been on several mission trips before but, this adventure with Caring Hearts has really been amazing! I was so moved by the state of poverty here and by the joy of the children. I was extremely blessed by Bev and her beautiful heart of service. Caring Hearts has truly made me feel welcome and at home. I love the encouraging and pure atmosphere. I knew before coming here, that God had called me into full time missions, living here for the past week and working alongside Caring Hearts to share Jesus, has strongly confirmed God’s call on my life. I am so honored to have been a part of this ministry and I really hope I come back. The youth group from A.P.C. were deeply impacted by the outreaches and children at Bethel. Thank you so much.
I love Mexico. - Sarah
I feel that God is using this trip to catapult me into children’s ministry. So many things have put me onto the path of going on this trip, whether it was a speaker or a word from God. - Timothy
I have never been so touched in my life. When I was eight, my mother passed away. I knew God had a plan for it but, it was still hard. All my life I have questioned God as to why my mom was the one that had to die. Why? It was not fair. When I went to the dump, my views were radically changed. It is not fair that these people have to survive off of garbage. Why them? Why did they have to be the ones to suffer like that? I am so humbled. - Mary
It is always a pleasure to see my good friends, Ken, Adalberto and Pedro. I am so thankful for the men who are willing to serve the Lord in this way. Thank God for the construction team and blessing our work to complete this building for the city of San Luis. The boys from the Oasis are such fine young men. It is something to see them growing up and also serving the Lord. I thank you Lord, for this opportunity. - Don
This is my best trip so far after four years and four trips. The unity and love that we shared was excellent. There was such a great combination of ministry and construction. There was a huge amount of work done in both areas. Our morning devotions were tremendous. People shared until time ran out. Prayer within the team and in outside ministries had the presence of the Lord. Hearts and lives were changed. - Judy
This is my first mission trip and I did not know what to think. My heart just warmed up when the kids came running to the van. My heart ache dropped when I saw the dumps and how poor people are but, happy. How people are welcoming us in the village just makes me smile. I now appreciate how much I have and what I do not. I can not wait to come back. - Garret
This trip has been life changing. I came on this trip feeling called to step out in faith and overcome some of the fears I was still carrying around for example, the fear of crowds, traveling, speaking in front of others, and more. God has helped me to see that he is truly in control of all of that and much more. There has been a strong sense of peace in the whole trip. That was just a small piece of what I have seen. The love that I have seen from the people here and the people of Mexico has truly been the greatest gift that God has given me. In the bible it says “perfect love cast out fear”. I have seen the love of Jesus on this trip. I leave this trip a changed person learning that when I go home that God can use each one of us if we step out in faith. Praise God! - Michele
This whole trip for me has been about faith. I have a problem with confidence and this trip has really opened me up. I prayed for healings at the shut-ins and God told me to rub dirt on the eyes of a blind lady. WHAT! Well, I did, and I can not even begin to describe my experience and the emotion I felt just by obeying God. - Mel








Last month we took a small group of patients to Tecate, and only one was operated on. We are hoping to promote it again around town to see if there are other patients. One of the mothers saw Papa Harold in a store, and was very thankful for what we have been able to do through this ministry. I thank Adalberto and Maria who faithfully take on this ministry every three months.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Through our shut in minister Ines, I was made aware of a group of blind people who were meeting to study the Bible down the street from the orphanage. Their leader is a lady who has been blind for 8 years and has a desire to start a school where she can teach blind children and adults how to read and write in braille. This past Thursday I took our director Harold McKamish and Pastor Jim Leake to meet them, and God moved on their hearts, and our ministry will be helping them to have a school building and a new vehicle. We can use your help. If you have a heart to reach out to the blind of San Luis, let us know and we will inform you how you can be a part.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Everything is back to normal here in San Luis, but there was one major event. When the lights were put back on, the transformers in the Sears store (formally Dorians, San Luis' nicest store) couldn't handle it and they got fire. The whole two story building burnt to the ground.

In our neighboring city of Mexicali, a parking garage collapsed, and cracks opened in a number of streets and highways. Some buildings have been condemned. In Calexico, California, the whole downtown has been deemed unsafe because of the damage.

Monday, April 5, 2010


A 7.2 earthquake rocked the Baja and was felt as far north as Los Angeles and as far East as Phoenix, and we are in that region. It was a big one!!! Juana and I were in a theater watching How to Train Your Dragon with Jesus and Lupita Padilla. The whole place started shaking, and people panicked. I have been in a number of earthquakes in Mexico City, but none like this one. It was just like in the movies, with the rumbling and shaking. It seemed to last for 5 minutes or so. Kendi was at Oasis with Karla and was frightened, but did the right thing, went right to the meeting point with her hands on her head. Everyone was in shock but the mood lightened up and all were laughing about it. We went to Bethel and everyone was fine there, filled with stories of how it felt. No apparent damage here, all are fine. The lights went out, and we were over 7 hours without electricity, cell phones and water. We thank you for your prayers and concerns, all is well. Pray for the Santos family, they were closer to the epicenter on a mini vacation, we are hoping they are OK.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


It has been a while since I have updated our child list at the website. I finally had the opportunity to get some work done on it, and it is now on line. If you are interested in knowing more about our children click on the link below. I have done it in a new way which will be easier for me to update when there are changes, and I will be letting you know when I make updates. I will also have a permaenent link to the page in the Contact Us section of this blog, so it will be easy for you to find. If you are wondering where a child you know is, drop me a line. We have had some changes since the last update, and I will be informing sponsors of the children who left very soon.