Friday, September 17, 2010


When I saw that we were going to have 6 weeks without a group, one of my first concerns were our shut ins. We have been able to pay special visits to many of them at least once a month, but we didn't have a group for September. So I worked with Ines and we took a team from the Boy's Home, along with my wife and Kendi, to visit 7 families during the Independence Day ministry. The Spirit moved as Brother Pedro ministered in every location. I think the boys learned to appreciate what they have when they saw these people in desperate need. Here are some pictures.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


To watch the God of the Universe move in the lives of teens as they minister is a truly amazing thing. Their faith becomes more grounded. They take ownership of their faith in ways they never would if they hadn’t taken the time to minister in such a special way. Thank you for providing a way for them to minister to the people of San Luis! – Holly


This trip was incredible! God never fails to break my heart for the people of San Luis. I’ve developed a love and friendship with the kids and with two older girls. God developed a passion and closeness with them in me this week I’ve never experience before. My prayers were his prayers and my heart was His heart. That’s something I’ve never known the beauty of before. He’s set a new love for missions in me and a compassion for people that is overwhelming. Awesome time ! Praise God. – Natalie


In January I was diagnosed with diabetes so when we went to visit shut-ins I thought it would be cool to meet someone with diabetes. It ended up not happening so we had a church service that night and during worship at the end the pastor called up anyone that needed prayer. So I was praying and I open my eyes and two girls are standing in front of me. I laid hands on one and the other girl looked at me and said (in English) she is sick. She needs help with her blood sugars. She has diabetes. I knew it was God. I got to pray with her and encourage her. She was so scared but I got to give her strength. Her friend is going to give me email updates and I am so excited to see what god is going to do in her life! – Lauren


Seeing what some of the people have in Mexico changed my selfish desires. I want to give more than I want to receive. – Ashlee

This was my second trip to Mexico. It was hard for me to come back knowing that Maria, the little girl I connected with last year was no longer at the orphanage. I was missing her and I was so worried about her because I didn’t know where she was. But on this trip God just really showed me that His plan is not like anything we can ever imagine. Isaiah 55:8 had been my verse for this trip from when I first found out Maria had gone home to be with her mom. On Thursday evening this lady opened up the service with that verse and it was just so cool how He is in control. It says “For your ways are not my ways neither are your thoughts my thoughts declares the Lord.” I feel such a peace now and I know that I can trust in Him with all of my needs. I pray for Maria and her family every single time they cross my mind and I know that God is taking care of them. – Karli


My trip to San Luis, Mexico was simply a God-send. I am so grateful to have been given the provisions to go. God has truly made himself real on this trip , and through that I am so fortunate to have been used by Him and through Him. This was my third trip to Mexico and it was full of even more surprises and unpredictability than before. My heart had melted and still melts for every child that lives at Bethel Orphanage. They changed my life and show me what true love really is. From everything we painted to each and every ministry we were involved in, God, our Lord has show me that our mission is so crucial and life-saving for every single person. I highly recommend this trip to anyone who wants or needs a strong taste of what spreading the gospel is like. This journey has saved my life through my heavenly Father. – Brandon


This is my second year going to San Luis, Mexico. Each year, God has always touched me on these trips and God really touched manu people through us. I’m so glad that I went on this trip, and I feel like God really used me on this trip. I can’t wait to see what God does next year! – Veronica


The trip changed my personal view on the world.. I thought I wasn’t poor or rich. I live with six people in a two bedroom house but I came down there and compared to them I have so much more. I wish I had my own room but the people down there are families of ten and they all sleep in one bedroom. I am so blessed I realized. Thank you for allowing me and my group to come down and be with you for a week. – Keelyn

This year in Mexico was absolutely incredible! In every part of our trip you could see tht God was working in ways no one could imagine. I loved spending time with the kdis and had so much fun! – Lettie