Thursday, August 26, 2010


Going to Mexico was life-changing experience. I loved getting close to the kids. Shut-ins made me realize how blessed I am to live in America and the dump made me really want to help the people. I will be praying for them every day. – Rachael


Matthew 28:19-20
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

You might be surprised to hear this but there has been a growing hostility toward Christian Missionaries around the world. Of course we know there has always been opposition to the Gospel in pagan cultures, but this is something different. The Bible and the Church are not held in the same regard they once were. As the world becomes increasingly secular, religion is seen as an intrusion. Some complain that the church forces its beliefs and practices on other cultures, replacing unique and diverse societies with a western brand of Christianity. As I read about this I thought about the people we minister to in San Luis. Have we changed their language, food, dress or music? No. If anything, they have influenced us. When we minister at Bethel Orphanage, the Oasis Boys home, the prison, drug rehabs and in the streets, we are not trying to make Americans out of Mexicans; we’re making disciples just as Jesus instructed us in The Great Commission above. Perhaps those who question the validity of Christian missions should ask the hungry people at the Good Samaritan soup kitchen, the lonely women in the local prison, the blind, the shut-ins, the recovering addicts and the orphans of San Luis if they feel we are helping or hurting them.

Christians will always carry out Jesus instructions to “Make disciples of all nations” It is a command not a suggestion. And yes, we extend His love to those who question the very premise of missions work as well. God loves them and gave his Son for them. Thank you for giving, going and praying. Carry on the good work!

God Bless you
Pastor Gary Simpson

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This was my second year going to San Luis, Mexico. As always, God did incredible, life changing things while we were there. I could tell that He was clearly moving and working in the people before we got there, when we got there, and I'm sure He still is now. The presence of God was overwhelming the whole week. I could feel Him in everything we did. He created so many perfect moments and divine appointments that I can't even begin to list them all. He worked in us as much as he worked in the people of San Luis. >We met so many people who have so little but are so happy. I have to admit that if I was in their situation, I'm not sure that I would be able to rejoice as they do or be as grateful as they are. Being with the people in San Luis, even though I thought I knew what to expect (since I'd been there before) just completely blew my mind. I thought, before I came here, that my priorities were pretty okay, but my week in Mexico completely slammed them back into place. Even though it was so hard to leave, I know that God is still in San Luis and still doing amazing things. I can't wait to come back, but I am also happy to be home so I can tell people about all the amazing things I got to see God do. I love San Luis, and will always be praying for everyone there. – Gianna

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Pedro and the boys have been honing their carpentry skills, and have now made 4 closest like the one here pictured. The older boys now can do them on their own, and feel very satisfied that they can create these practical works of art.


Thanks to friends from Uniontown, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, Yuma, AZ, and the Sonoran State Government, we were able to get all the uniforms, supplies and books needed for all of our Caring Hearts kids. without affecting our normal budget. What a blessing! God bless all of these faithful sponsors of our ministry who have helped us immensely.


July 31st, The Doers of the Word Bible School graduated a class of 6 students who will now be out practicing what they have learned in different churches and ministries. Pray that God will use them in a great way.


For the next few days, I will be posting the testimonies from the Monroeville Youth group who was with us the second week of August. I am going to do one at a time so you can take them in easier and be motivated day by day by how God moved during that week.

So being in Mexico made me realize how much these people love God. And they trust him so much. God is so alive down there. These people have nothing but are so happy and full of hope they want nothing but to be in God’s presence. They inspire me so much. I can’t wait to go back. - Bethany

Friday, August 20, 2010


Last night at our childrens program, Jesus Zarza, co-pastor of the Potters House Church in Las Vegas, shared with the kids. The amazing thing about this is that Jesus lived in the orphanage from 1983 - 1995, 12 years. He shared how he helped with the construction of the very church the children were worshipping in, and how a time capsule was placed with a gospel message in the foundation. It is a blessing to see how God has worked in his life to bring him from the orphanage to a successful and blessed life. Jesus and his wife prayed with the children as well.


In the second week of August we welcomed the Incline Youth Group from Monroeville Assembly of God. They braved the August heat of San Luis bravely as they painted, constructed, and ministered in many places and ways throughout the city. I hope to have testimonies from them soon, in the meantime enjoy their pictures and a testimony from one of their young people.

So going to Mexico, I heard it was a life changing experience. It put me under a lot of pressure I guess; I thought God wasn't going to use me down there. When we pulled up to the orphanage last Saturday, tears filled my eyes I couldn't believe we were finally there. Waking up the next morning I was, extremely nervous. But then this little girl Dulce stole my heart all through the week. And I thought, that was all god had in store, to love on her, but I was really wrong. We went to the shut ins on Monday. And God totally changed my priorities. I realized how much I had when we went to a home with a mom who could barely walk 4 boys, and a two room house with two twin size beds. Those boys were probably, the happiest boys I've ever seen though. They had this flattened soccer ball, and they couldn't do anything with it but, they loved it. And another shut in, Ken described as an elderly couple, was a couple in a plywood shack, and the husband was like, pure bones. He had one week to live and he wouldn't eat. He didn't even have enough strength to lift up his arm, he tried and it fell back down. And I was just, in shock. Because I thought of how, with how much I have, I could probably never be in the situation of one room with a bed and a toilet. It made me think of how lately, I've been asking for new bedroom furniture. But the furniture I have is way nicer then the woman's table at shut-ins that fell when she set something on it. God has blessed me with so much, and I haven't been grateful for it, until now. At one of the village ministries, I looked at these people with nothing, who loved God so much and trusted him with everything they had, and I busted into tears. These people were so grateful and so happy. The next day we went to the dump. And everybody was talking about giving away there shoes. And I asked God if I should give them away and he said yes. So I walked up, and I gave Mr. Mike my shoes and they said cinco!? And only one lady there needed my size shoe, and it was just, kind of a blessing to know that, if God wouldn't have brought me down there, then that lady wouldn't have gotten shoes. Its little things like that that shows you God knows what he is doing. And then that night we were at church and, I was in tears from the time service began until the end, and I remember Dulce saying, why are you crying? And I said, I don't know. Later I realized that room was just filled with God's presence. Those people came to the altar and broke down into to tears as we prayed for them. And they couldn't understand a word we said but it was like. They can still feel God! They still know him! And He still loves them SO INCREDIBLY MUCH! So, Mexico really opened my eyes up and set my priorities straight. It taught me to rejoice in everything, trust God, and Love him more than you love anything else because, he's truly all you need. I can't wait to go back next year. - Bethy


The first week of August we were blessed by a group from Sonlight Missions, made up of a group from Word of Life Church in Greensburg and Salida 7, a Latin Christian Rock Band from New Jersey. Leaders Heath and Bill did a great job with this large group that ministered in every way possible. We did VBS in two places daily, visited shut ins, rehab centers and the jail. We did street and church ministry. They painted part of our Junior and Senior High School, AND we did 4 concerts with Salida 7. Whew!!! It was a busy week, but one of the funnest I have had here in ministry. Many lives were touched of all ages. This was the first time we organized outdoor concerts, and thanks to Juan and Los Del Camino from San Luis, everything worked out great. The guys from Salida 7 were humble and willing to sing anywhere with any sized crowd, and they were fantastic! Check them out at their website The group from Word of Life were well prepared, hard working and flexible, and had a great time. I hope to have some of their testimonies soon for you. In the meantime, here are some pictures.


On occasion here in San Luis we get spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Here are some pictures of a recent one.


We had a trip to Tecate led by Adalberto in July. They could only operate on one child this trip, we should have pictures soon. Here is a picture of a child who will be going to November´s clinic. Pray we can continue this ministry with these needy children.


The last two weeks of Summer Vacation we have been having music classes with the young people of Oasis and Bethel. Juan, who leads worship for the Getsemani Church and Bethel Church, is giving the classes in different instruments. We hope to continue so we can have a full time music group made up of Caring Hearts young people. Enjoy the pictures.


Lazara has expressed interest in continuing her education and our new worker Virginia has taken on the challenge. She will be taking a program for adult education, which has a degree of independence, so a lot of motivation and patience is needed. Please pray for them, so that Lazara can be better prepared for her future.


Thanks to a number of faithful sponsors, we were able to get new sheets for the boys home.


The fruits of God's work in the boy's home is being seen during our Thursday night children's program as they work together to minister to the boys and girls. They have been participating with the puppets and being ushers as well. Here are some pictures.


Between our vacation and now we have had a lot going on, and I am just catching up on some items. I was going through the pictures in one of our cameras, and found some from the graduations that occured while I was gone. Please pray for our kids as they go back to school Monday. Enjoy these pictures taken at the different graduations in June.


Rosa Ivania DeCastilla returned for a brief visit to where she grew up, at the Bethel Orphanage. She was adopted and moved to Virginia Beach, and now is preparing to go to college. We are proud of Rosa Ivania and know God is going to use her in a mighty way.