Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Psalm 126:3
“The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.”

Living in the Northeast there is only one thing I like about January; it is the beginning of a brand new year with 365 opportunities for me to serve God and for Him to do the wonderful things He does.

Forty years ago I was a lost and confused young man with no future. But God had a plan, He always does. I could never have dreamed that I would become a Christian, be blessed with a wonderful wife, three children and seven grandchildren and called to be a Pastor.

I had an earthly perspective not a heavenly one and I didn’t have a vision. But now I do. The first time I went to San Luis twenty years ago, all I saw was broken down orphanage, a small soup kitchen and a lot of hurting people. I had no idea that Bethel Orphanage would be transformed into a beautiful haven for these precious children. I didn’t envision Oasis Boy’s Home, Caring Hearts Church, Doers of the Word Bible school, the growth of Brother Jose’s Good Samaritan Feeding Ministry, medical mission’s trips, hundreds of groups going down to help, and now a ministry to the blind.

God thinks so big and we think so small. Who knows what God is going to do in San Luis through Caring Hearts Ministries in 2011. We need to pray for our Mexican brothers and sisters as their nation goes through such a dark and violent time.

But God has a plan for Mexico that no one can imagine and no one can stop! Thank you for giving, going and praying. May the Lord do great things for you in this coming year

God bless you Pastor Gary

Monday, December 27, 2010


Here are some pictures from the Bethel Christmas day celebration. We want to thank all of the sponsors who helped bless their children this year.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010


We are quite busy as usual as we enter into Christmas Eve.  Work on the blind center has gone smoothly and we are close to being ready for the next group who will put up the trusses, roof and other things.  We have also seen a number of guests come through from California, Arizona and San Luis RC to help the kids have a good Christmas.  Here are some highlights:

The Junior and Senior high students were involved in a Christmas parade put on by the Kino School.  Here are some pictures.

 Carmen, Fernando, Rosita and Lupita
Laura and Karely

 Fernando and Lupita lead their class.
Carmen, Mario and Antonio´s class float.

Kendi was involved in her schools Christmas program.

 Local friends came to bless the children of Caring Hearts

Hands Extended Ministries of Yuma AZ had a time of games, lunch and presents for the Caring Hearts Children and also kids from the church that they sponsor.  Thank you Sherry! 
 Musical Chairs.
 Winners of the Musical Chairs Contest - Adult Edition.
Coming down to the wire during Musical Chairs. 

Fun times with Hands Extended!

Ines and her mother had a dinner for some of the shut ins.

Our friends from Lake Havasu City blessed the soup kitchen.  

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Hey Friends of Caring Hearts!

If you have access to CTVN out of Pittsburgh (and if you are reading this you do have access, because they are on the internet too, at www.ctvn.org), make sure you tune in at 7:00 PM EST to see Focus 4.  They will be doing a fundraiser tonight for the Center for the Blind.  Harold McKamish, Blake Richert and Pastor James Leake will be on hand to explain the vision and share progress.  I will also be making an appearance via internet.  Please call in a pledge to help support this project, let´s show them the love of our Caring Hearts Family tonight, and say hi to Papa Harold. 

Here are some pictures of the blind people selling wreaths that they made.  They are not just sitting back waiting for a hand out, they are getting involved in the project in any way they can.  Hope to see you tonight on CTV!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I am finally getting caught up.  We are still real busy, working on the blind center, finishing up the first half of the school year, and working with Christmas visitors.  I have some testimonies from the November groups I want to share with you.  I hope you enjoy reading what God did through the group from Walnut Grove Assembly of God.  

This was my first missions trip and I pray that I will not forget the experiences from here.  All of the individuals that I met seem to be genuinely happy.  You know that the folks here at Bethel love and care for one another.  The building project and other outreach events were fun and a great learning experience.  The people here love one another and love the Lord Jesus.  That will be what I remember the most. – Jim

It is just a blessing to come to San Luis and work for the Lord.  This is my fourth trip and the Lord makes each trip new and wonderful.  Thanks to all the Caring Heart staff for their hard work to make the trip run smooth. – Bill

I was amazed at how joyful those children are.  They have only just the basics and are still so happy.  Watching them makes you realize how ungrateful you can be for what God has blessed you with.  Also, how easily and brightly the light of God shines through people down here is astounding.  They are so kind and thankful and understanding.  The trip has only strengthened my walk with Christ and makes me want to do more missions.  – Eric

This was mine and Bobbys' first trip to lead a group for a mission to San Luis.  We had a small group and consider it Gods' grace so that we can ease into this and learn as we go.  We worked on Marcelos' family house painting, installing doors, plumbed a bathroom and installed the tub and toilet and built a room on the back for storage.  We only had six others for a total of eight in our group, but with Gods' help, lots of prayer, and fellowship we got a lot of work done, with no injuries or sickness - Praise His Name!  Marcelo himself and a brother and friend Javier and Adalberto were with us every day.  It is every mans' testimony that they learned from Marcelo and Javier and vice versa.  We visited the rehab center, the jail and the dump to minister at each and walked away incredibly blessed by the faith and love of God that some already knew and how we watched some come to know.  It is such an honor to serve such a mighty and wonderful God and to be used by him to serve such wonderful, loving people.  The people of San Luis.  Bless you always. – LorI

This is my third trip and Lord willing not my last.  Love to be part of Walnut Grove Mission Team and contribute in any way I can.  John

Thursday, December 9, 2010


The Earthen Vessel of our friend Jesse was laid to rest yesterday.  We will miss him greatly, but are encouraged by the truth that he is rejoicing in a new body with the Lord, and if he could, he would tell us to keep on serving the Lord, because it is worth it.

Jesse and his family lived a humble life by faith, with a small stipend from the Bible School and the offerings from his small church.  There was no insurance or savings account.  The expenses for his funeral were around $850.  We have helped his wife Isa with this by faith, and we could use your help as well.  If you loved and appreciated Jesse's ministry, please consider blessing his family by helping with these expenses.  Let us know what you can do by writing:

You can send your pledge to Caring Hearts,
1 Signal Hill Dr., Wall, PA 15148-1499.  Put in a note that it is for Jesse's family.

Thank you and God bless.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Our Bible School Teacher Jesse Figeroa has gone on to be with His Lord and Savior, in a new body, to enjoy his reward for all eternity.  Please pray for his friends and family who will miss him greatly as we continue on in this earth.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I am in bed right now, laptop buzzing, writing this report.  I had severe strep throat, and the doctor ordered me to rest while the antibiotics do their work.  Please be praying, we have a group here now and it is hard for me to be sick during this busy time.

This month has been very busy, with only 3 days without a group here.  The first week we had a group from Walnut Grove Assembly of God, led by Bob and Lori Laskovics.  They did a lot of detail work at Marcelo's house, and ministered with the children of the orphanage and needy people of San Luis.

The same day they left, a small group from Sonlight Missions came in.  They helped a Christian Rehab Center put on a new roof.

A tire house for Edit, a single mother with 3 children who is battling cancer. 

The day they left, a group from Saint Ferdinand's came to town.  They started an unique house for one of our shut ins, made out of tires and sand.  They also ministered a lot to our shut ins and were a great blessing.

A new TV for Alfonso, a widower we minister to.  Thanks St. Ferdinands!

Now we have a group from Lebanon Presbyterian who are building a patio for a new feeding center.  They will also be ministering around town.

All this while at the same time we have started the construction of the School for the Blind.  If you want to see how that is going, check out our special blog at www.chmblind.blogspot.com.

In other news, two of our shut ins folks have visited passed away recently.  Rosa, who suffered with breast cancer, went home to be with the Lord as well as Santa, who had diabetes, anemia and other problems.  We thank God that they are now at peace in the arms of Jesus with no more medical issues to deal with.

We also had a trip to Tecate this month.  5 patients from San Luis went, and three were operated on.  I thank Adalberto and Maria for once again helping out with this ministry.

Today, Pedro told me that Paola had a blood test and her red blood cells miraculously jumped up to over 200,000!  Praise the Lord!!!  Pedro had a spiritual experience in his home a few days ago, and felt God has broken through.  Thank you for your prayers and support, God is good.

I will be posting more pictures and testimonies soon, once this current group is done and I feel better.  In the meantime keep praying.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Dear Friends,

Paola is currently out of the hospital, and feels OK, though her red blood cell level is still low, around 26,000 the last time it was checked, when it needs to be 150,000. She needs to be careful not to injure herself in anyway and not do anything strenuous. November 12 she will go for a check to make sure that it is continuing its upward climb. She is being treated with steroids now, and we all know that those have side effects, so we are still praying for a complete miracle cure. The urgency of the Human Gamagoblulin is not as great, but we want to know of sources if it is needed in the future, so don't stop looking. I want to thank all of the folks who have sent in their pledges to help, we were able to pay the initial hospital and additional funds will be used for the medicines she needs for the next few weeks. Keep praying, and hopefully November 12 we will have a good report.

God bless

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Matthew 18: 3 & 10

He called a little child and had him stand among them.

And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. "See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.

Our oldest son, his wife and two children recently moved back to Pennsylvania after living in California for 10 years. Renee’ and I are thrilled to have at least two of our Grandchildren nearby. Right now they are very near by, living with us until they buy a house. Four year old Ella and Two year old Jack have really brightened up our “Empty Nest” with their antics and we love it. I had forgotten how much energy little kids have and how much work they can be, but it is so much fun to watch them learn with a sense of wonder and excitement. Having been born and raised in the high desert of southern California, they were used to sand, rocks and cactus; they had never seen autumn leaves before. So I got out a rake and my leaf blower and we made piles of leaves, jumped in them, they blew them in the air with the leaf blower. They are a blessing, but they are also very blessed. They have more than enough food, clothing, medical care, toys and anything else they need. What Caring Hearts Ministries does in San Luis is provide a safe, healthy environment where children without families can live and learn and grow just like kids in the U.S. Bethel Orphanage, Oasis Boys’ Home and Good Samaritan Soup Kitchen have helped thousands of kids over the years. Your giving, going and praying has made that possible. Thank you for your generosity. Instead of “Looking down on these little ones”, you picked them up with caring hands and gave them a fighting chance. Your Heavenly Father sees this and is pleased.

God bless you,

Pastor Gary


I talked with Pedro this morning. He had a meeting with the specialist who just arrived from Las Vegas. What is needed right now is an intense treatment with the serum HUMAN GAMAGLOBULIN. They need 120g. This is the same medicine that they had to get at the outset, and it cost $600 for just 5g. Without it, she will be in the hospital for months as they slowly treat it. This medicine is not covered by the state insurance. If anyone has a way to get this medicine at a reduced cost or donated, let us know. I think we can get it across the border without any problem. This is a desperate need. Further tests to discover the cause cannot be conducted until her red blood count is normalized. If there is anyway you can help, let us know by writing us at caringheartsmexico@gmail.com.

God bless and please keep praying. We need a miracle.


Monday, October 25, 2010


Juana and I visited Paola yesterday in the General Hospital of Mexicali. She was in good spirits despite the fact that she is bedridden. She doesn't feel sick, but she is in a dangerous situation, where any bump or bruise can prove to be problematic. Her red blood count has gone up and down from 1000 to 9000 under medication, but it is a lot lower than the 150,000 that it needs to be. The current diagnosis is Immune thrombocytopenic purpura, and if you click on the name you will see an article about it. She will be seeing a specialist today who has been out of town, and we hope to have an idea of what the treatment will need to be. I want to thank all who pledged, we have the first hospital and treatment covered for the most part. As I get more news I will let know. - Ken

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Paola, Pedro's third daughter is very ill. A few days ago dark bruise like blemishes appeared on her skin and they took her to a doctor. It turned out she had a very low blood count, about 10% of the norm. She is in a hospital in Mexicali now waiting for a blood transfusion. They are also doing analysis for what caused this problem, the kidneys and liver are fine, they will be doing a bone marrow test to check for leukemia. Please be praying, and if you can help at all financially, it would be appreciated. She has insurance, but it is a state run program and they would have had to send her 9 hours away. Her doctors thought that in her state it would have been too dangerous, so they are using a private hospital. The first treatment is going to cost $500, and I am sure there will be other costs coming down the pike. We need your help! Be praying please!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Members of the Caring Hearts Medical Team, City Government, and the Association for the Blind met together to ceremonially break ground on the School for the Blind. We hope to have it completed by the end of January. We need all the help we can get, if this ministry to these needy people touches your heart, let us know and we will find a way you can help. We will need finances for materials, furniture and teaching tools. Be a part of this new work, write us today.