Friday, April 13, 2012


Dear Caring Hearts Family,

Ever since Juana and I arrived here in San Luis on our first short trip together, we saw the need there was for better education for the kids.  When we came on full time, we set to work looking for ways to improve the situation.  We have found some things that work, and others that haven´t.  One of the biggest issues are the schools.  What we have seen in the public schools are overloaded class sizes, incompetent and uncaring teachers, and a general lack of quality.  So we tried private schools, which are expensive.  For a number of reasons, we have found this option inadequate as well.   After prayer and research, we have decided to go in another direction.  The first step - We are going to have our own elementary school at the Bethel Orphanage.  With the help of our Children´s Pastor Eleazar Rodriguez, who is heavily involved in the state education system, we are in the process of being a private school, exclusively for the children under our care.  Please pray as we go through all the paper work involved, that everything is approved and we can get started this fall.

One of the things we want to do is renovate our facilities so that our teachers and students can be in a clean, comfortable environment.  We are working on insulating our current classrooms, painting, laminate flooring, and new furniture.  We calculate we need $2500 for each room, and we have 5 rooms to renovate, plus the halls. 2 of those rooms are represented by our large Sunday School room, which will be used at the school for different activities.   Would you like to help us in this exciting new project?  Contact us at Caring Hearts and let us know how you can help.  Perhaps your church or group would like to sponsor an entire room.  We are moving ahead by faith, but it will be cutting in our our budget if we do not have help from you.  Help us do the best we can for our children here, let us hear from you today.

If you would like details on how we came to make this decision, let me know.  I am hoping to describe the history of this choice to all those who may be interested.  Drop me a line.

God bless