Monday, July 18, 2011


Here is a testimony from one of the members of the Cornerstone Group, it will touch your heart.

I would like to tell you a brief story about my experience at Caring Hearts Mission. Our group was involved in so much that it is difficult to condense my adventure to a brief testimony, however I will do my best. One of the first encounters with Caring Hearts was our introduction/orientation meeting. I was able to get an understanding of all that Caring Hearts does for the people of San Luis. The different ministries were amazing, I was hoping that I would have an opportunity  to experience each one while I was visiting, and that is what happened. From visiting and taking food to the shut ins, to visiting and taking food and supplies to the homeless at the city dump, to visiting the drug rehabs, to visiting the nursing 
home, to visiting the blind center (built by Caring Hearts), to visiting the boys home (also built by Caring Hearts), to visiting the city orphanage, to doing street ministry, to visiting and speaking at a local church, to putting on a Vacation Bible School for the local children and the children of the Bethel Orphanage, to doing physical work painting buildings at the
mission and at a near by school, and last but most important spending time interacting and playing with the children of the Bethel Orphanage getting to know them. 

When I first heard about the Mission Trip my church was organizing I wanted to get involved. Our high school 9th and 10th grade students under the direction of our youth pastor were going to the Caring Hearts Mission in Mexico. I thought that it would be a blessing to see how God would change the hearts of the students that would be going to San 
Luis. Well to tell you the truth, God wanted to touch me as well. I came to minister to the people of San Luis and God ministered to me. I believed that I would come back home with an appreciation for what I had. I was wrong, I actually was ashamed, I was ashamed that I had so much and that I had focused so much on achievement and success and things.
I saw faith in the eyes and actions of the christian people of San Luis. I saw how much I have relied on convenience and not on faith in God to lead my life. I was ashamed that I had put God in my back pocket to bring out when I needed Him.I saw real love. unconditional love, when we were at the city dump ministering to the homeless, as the students were speaking 
I looked around at the homeless men and women listening to the students speak. I noticed a man and woman sitting on the tailgate of a pickup with another couple obviously their friends and I saw the man put his arm around his partner, and as he did this I recognized something. She didn't push his hand away as if to say I blame you for all this, you are a looser you need to get a job so you can get us out of this situation. No she didn't do that she reached up and graded his hand and squeezed it and he leaned over and kissed her. I believe I was supposed to see that embrace and that kiss, to show me what unconditional 
love is have, what I need to have, unconditional love for the people in my life my children and my spouse. I was changed by my experience at the Caring Hearts Mission, by what they do, how they give, and how they love. God changed me into a man of faith and of love, Thank you Lord for allowing me the privilege to be a part of your love and a part of your work at The Caring Hearts Mission in San Luis Mexico. 

Proverbs 30:7-9
"I ask two things from you Lord. Don't refuse me before I die. Keep me from lying and being dishonest. and don't make me either rich or poor; just give me enough food for each day. If I have to much, I might reject you and say 'I don't know the Lord.'  If I am poor, I might steal and disgrace the name of God."

Thank you Ken and God bless you and all that you do at Caring Hearts. 

Seeking His Kingdom

Love in Christ Jesus

J and Cornerstone Group visiting shut ins.  

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hey Friends of Caring Hearts,

I am sorry I have not updated the blog lately, we have been quite busy.  Also, we have a new way to see Caring Hearts news, using our Facebook page.  It is even faster and easier than updating the blog, and I am putting something on daily.

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