Monday, September 28, 2009


A truckload of donated medicines arrived at Caring Hearts in San Luis to be distributed during our annual medical clinic. We want to thank Patty Armendariz for her excellent work with the government to get these medicines across the border. Pray for the clinic, it will be starting this Sunday.


September is the month Mexico celebrates its independence. Next year will be the biggie, the bicentenial, should be a big party. Here is Karla Alvarado and Kendi Blose dressed in typical Mexican dress for their school's celebration.


Lori and Bob came in from Pittsburgh for a couple of days to bless the children and women's rehab center. They gave out blankets to the kids and had a pizza/Ice cream party. They gave out makeup and other hygiene products to the ladies of the rehab center. It was a blessing to have them here, here are some pictures:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow. I Corinthians 3:6

Paul wrote these words showing that the spiritual life of a person is an ongoing process. Paul brought the Gospel to the pagan city of Corinth and Apollos, a leader in the early church, added his ministry to nurture it. But only God can make a church, a person or any ministry grow. I first went to San Luis in 1989. There were children at Bethel Orphanage ranging in age from one year old babies to 16 year old teenagers. If you do a little math you can see that the babies are now twenty-one years old and the teenagers are approaching forty! We didn’t have a system set up to track the kids once they left, so we don’t know where a lot of them are. Through friends and relatives news of the whereabouts of some of them and how they are doing filters back to us. Some are living for Christ and doing well. Others are not. These days we are able to keep tabs on them a little better and the results are encouraging. Of course the teen aged boys who in the past had to leave whether they had somewhere to go or not are now able to transition to Oasis Boys Home where they can get job training and guidance. We know exactly where 9 of the children are because they have been adopted and are here in the U.S.

It blesses me to know that there are 20 to 40 year old Mexicans out there in the cities of Mexico and the American Southwest who were cared for by Caring Hearts over the last 20 plus years. Some of you plant seeds and some of you water. Some pray, some give, some go and preach, teach, sing and build. But God causes lives to grow in Him. Keep on planting and watering.

Be Blessed,
Pastor Gary


As we go about preparing for our 6th Annual Medical Clinic in a row, it starts seeming routine. A lot of work, which seem like I just got doing not too long ago, even though it has been a year. Honestly, it can be kind of a drag. I was sent a digital photo album from last years clinic, which lifted my spirits and made me realize, that is what it is all about. All through my time as a missionary, I have known the power of a face to move us. Here are some of the photos of folks who were ministered to last year, I think you will agree with me, seeing those needy eyes and grateful smiles makes all the work worth it. These faces have lifted my spirits and given me a renewed excitement for this years clinic. I hope they inspire you to pray, give and/or come to be a part.

Monday, September 21, 2009


It has been a while since I have posted. We are starting to get ready for the medical clinic, which involves meetings, phone calls, trips to the States and a lot of organizing. The children are doing well, all settled in school and many are getting used to new surroundings. Please pray for the influx of new children at Bethel. Almost all of them have wrongly been passed on to grades they do not belong. Juana is struggling to get them caught up, as many that are supposed to be in 3rd grade do not know how to read. Others are struggling with memory retention. It is sad when we see so many children who have grown up with little or no help or discipline from their parents.

Also pray for the medical clinic, that all would go smoothly and that our ultimate goal will be reached...souls reached by the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Brother Pedro, the director of the boy's home, is in need of a car for his family. He has some money saved up if you have one to sell, or if you would like to donate one, that would be appreciated. Without a car, they have to rely on the gas guzzling ministry vans, even if it is just to run an errand or take one or two people somewhere. He has been using a Pontiac for the last 3 years, but it has finally bit the dust. If you have any line on something that could be used, let us know. Ken


Our oldest Caring Heart's child became an adult yesterday. Alex Somaya "Nene" celebrated his 18th birthday at the Oasis Boy's home. Please Pray for Nene. There is not much help for people with Down's Syndrome in San Luis, and he will probably be with us indefinitely as an adult. He is loved and is a good boy, and right now we are all he has. We thank God for the joyful and loving spirit he brings to us.

Pray for me, I am going through a head cold right now and haven't been able to sleep.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Shortly before school started, employees of the Yuma County District Attorneys office organized a collection of school supplies for the Oasis Boys Home. It was a great blessing to receive these gifts for our students, and our Yuma friends are excited to help even more in the future. They will be doing a fund raiser for our winter uniforms next week, pray it will be a success.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ricardo Ruiz 1960-2009

Wednesday our friends earthly temple was laid to rest in the presence of friends and family. The word of God was preached with fervor and heartfelt goodbyes were given. We will truly miss Ricardo, and he will be remembered soon as we do this years medical clinic without him. Pray for his mother and family as they continue to grieve their loss.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My dear brothers in Christ,

I was just informed by Marcos Ruiz that his brother and our good friend Ricardo Ruiz, has passed away this morning. Ricardo worked at Oasis in the beginning years and later ran a rehab center and taught at our Bible School. He was always willing to help with translations and led many to the Lord during our medical clinics. He will be missed, but we thank God he has a new body and is enjoying his eternal reward with his reason for life, his very life, Jesus Christ.