Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We took 5 patients to Tecate this month for plastic surgeries. 4 were operated on. We thank Adalberto and Maria for their faithful dedication to this ministry. Here are pictures of the patients that went this trip. Later we will have some pictures from the actual clinic.

Maria De Jesus






The boys of Oasis participated in their first official scholastic football tournament this month, making a good showing and leading their respective teams to victory. Alan Eliud was the star of the show for everyone, scoring numerous goals and earning the accolades of all of the spectators. Here are some pictures.

Luis in Action

Goal Kino!

Luis Adolfo in Action

Alan in Action

Kendi and the Kino cheerleaders encourage their team.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



I have always returned from this mission trip with more than when I left. It is something that can not be bought nor exactly explained. It is true, you do not live by bread alone - John

This is my fourth trip here and each time has been such a blessing to me. To see the smiles and gratitude on the faces is something you have to experience. God's spirit is here and it is a joy to come and tap into it. - Donald

This is our fourth trip to San Luis, our second with a team. You became a part of our life in November of 2008, the first time we stepped onto this sand. The people, the children, most of all the love of Jesus that is ever present from authority to the smallest child. The ministries here give us a chance to share the gospel and bless those with needs as the scripture instructs. We leave with a fullness of joy and blessings beyond words. We are prepared to commit and make San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora a personal ministry as well as continuing to lead teams as long as God shows us to. The children at Bethel draws us, the Lord works through us and we are blessed. - Robert and Lola

The blessings that the people gave back to us as we ministered to them and how they wanted to share with us blessed me immensley. - Bernie

My financial support for this trip was provided by our Lord totally. This was my first missions trip. My heart was totally touched at the Women's Rehab Center and at the Women's Prison. This was the first time I had the privilege of sharing the gospel with others. The whole trip has been a mighty blessing for me. Thank you for caring for these children. - Sara

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Here are some more pictures of the trusses the boys made for their water shed. They are practicing for when they do them for houses we hope to build in the future.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Pedro and the boys worked long and hard to change their water system, and they are quite proud of their accomplishment. The old system was below ground, and when it would have problems, it would flood. They first fill in the old system, then built a floor and shed around the water tanks. They experimented making trusses so that it would have the same look as the rest of the buildings at Oasis. They are almost finished with it, here are some pictures.


Right now San Luis and Caring Hearts is being blessed by a group from Walnut Grove Assembly of God. They are busy finishing a house of one of our church members and also ministering throughout the city. They have been distributing a 1000 Croc shoes they had shipped down to children all over San Luis. Here are some pictures of them working on the house.


We held our second session last Sunday of our Children's Ministry Seminar. It is our goal to establish a team from our church who will be willing to go out and evangelize the children of our community. Ken and Juana are sharing their combined 41 years of experience teaching different ways that can be used to reach the children in the streets. Pray that a leader will be called from within this group to run with this ministry with zeal and responsibility.