Friday, August 28, 2009


This is a message for all our friends who live in Yuma who check out the blog. Monday, September 14th, the employees of the Yuma County District Attorney´s office will be selling breakfast burritos. All the proceeds will go to the children of Caring Hearts to help them purchase their winter uniforms. The event will be held in the basement of the new courthouse on 250 West 2nd street. If you would like to purchase advance tickets you may email Karolyn at or visit the office and ask for Connie. The tickets with be $3.00 each. Please help us help them by coming down and having burritos with us! The coordinator of Caring Hearts hopes to be there to meet you and share about what the work in San Luis is all about. The event will start at 8:00 AM.
We look forward to seeing you!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Monday was the first day of school for our kids. This year a number of them are in a new school, Kino Institute, which has opened its doors to us and given us scholarships for 13 of our Middle and High school students. Kendi and Karla also received scholarships and will be attending elementary school there. Here are some pictures of the first day.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Here are some pen holders that the boys have learned to make at Oasis. We are hoping to have them available for groups in the future.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The cell group started by Pedro at Oasis celebrated its first year of celebrating services every Monday. A large number of people came out to celebrate. This is one of our most vibrant ministries with a lot of growth both numerically and spiritually. Many of those who attend also make it to the Bethel Church Thursdays and Sundays. Here are some pictures:


Here are some testimonies from the Crossway Church group, led by their pastor Chris Gibbs. They were involved in the construction of a house and ministry throughout the city. I want to thank Blake and Adalberto for filling in for me as we left in the middle of this groups time. It is obvious from the testimonies that all went well and they and the people of San Luis were blessed.

This was my first trip to Mexico. It was an awesome eye opening experience to what goes on outside of my comfort zone. I was amazed at how when I arrived I felt so comfortable and the kids came up to me right away wanting hugs. I had some worries about going out into the community and visiting with the shut ins, and doing the street ministering but God is wonderful and I felt His presence and peace everywhere I went. The staff is fantastic and took excellent car of us. The facilities were clean and neat. I loved this trip. – Wendy

I have never been on a mission trip before. I did not know what to expect. My experience here makes me want to come back here and go on other mission trips around the world. The kids were so much fun to play with. I thought it would be difficult to communicate with everyone here, but so many of the people know some English. It also was cool to use some of my Spanish that I have learned in school here. The heat was very different, but it really made us realize how fortunate we are in PA to have such an average climate. Overall it was better than what I expected. Even the preparations and the travel to Mexico was very fun. I am very sad that it is over. – Jacob

My trip to San Luis was eye opening! I am thrilled to know that Americans with Mexicans are doing such a fine job ministering to the children. The outreach ministries blessed me in so many ways. It was wonderful to see the love of Christ in the eyes of the children. Caring Hearts Ministries will always be in my prayers. – Patrick

This was my first missions trip and I am completely blown away by the experience. To see and feel the love given to us, perfect strangers is life changing. Relationships have been built in so short a time that one would expect to take months or years to build. All by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray I leave Bethel orphanage, San Luis Rio Colorado and Mexico a little more joyful than I found them. For I am infinitely more joyful for having spent this time here. – Ed

I wasn’t sure what to expect coming to Mexico, but when I got here, I knew that God was going to move. The people were great and it was great to be able to bless our brothers and sisters in Mexico. –Matthew

Caring Hearts has changed my life forever. The kids that just love to be hugged. The people in the rehabs that hang on every word and the residents of the villages that long to be prayed for. I have been stretched, I have been blessed, but most of all I have been changed. This is my third time in San Luis and each time God has opened my eyes to see His amazing love in new and unique ways. - Chris

I came to Mexico expecting to see cold-hearted people living in poverty. I didn’t expect to see how the people of Mexico are so loving, respectful, honoring, hardworking and caring. It just amazes me to see the power of God at work across the world. – Alexander

Being here has been a great blessing and joy while also being heartbreaking and heart wrenching. My journal is full of true stories of how the Lord met us on this trip. The vast experiences from ministering in the dump, the prison, the rehab centers and the small churches. It really enabled me to connect with what god meant when he said to love one another! Worshiping in a different culture with another language was also amazing. The passion of their workshop was such a blessing to my soul. It is hard to believe that I on this trip yet I find myself leaving here with blessings that are more than I could ever imagine! –Connie

I think the best thing for me was to recognize the joy and love of God these people have even through they have very little or nothing at all. I can’t say how much I heard different people say “God is good” or “I’m just waiting on the Lord!” At the dump, I told a lady I liked her hat, just to complement her and she gave it to me! She doesn’t even have a home and she wanted to bless me through her giving, with the little she has. Yet it is I whom has so much has difficulty letting things go. Through these people I have learned to hold on to my possessions loosely in order to bless others. This is what truly blessed me. – Debbie

I really enjoyed playing with the kids at Bethel. They are happy and full of love. They were also so patient as I stumbled through attempting to speak Spanish to them. I also was extremely touched by the worship. God really showed me that you didn’t have to understand the language to worship God. His love bridges the gap and forms the connection. I definitely am going home a different person and the people will go with me in memories and prayers. –Rebekah

I didn’t think I would be able to come to Mexico this year because I wasn’t
going to be able to come with my own church when Pastor Chris mentioned that I was welcome to come with his church. I took the offer right away. This is my 4th time here and each year it has been amazing. God has shown me His love through these kids and their happiness with so little. Especially when we asked the kids if they had any prayer requests and the first response we got was prayer for our group. They could have asked for anything but that’s what was important to them. – Brittany

God has moved in mighty ways on this trip. I have been stretched physically, socially and spiritually. One day we went to the dump and seeing the desperation and despair of these people made my heart heavy. But I was in a drama called “everything” and was able to offer them hope through that message. We were able to pray for the people and give them rice and beans and toilet paper. Another night we went to church at the orphanage and I shared my testimony not realizing he power of it until afterward when someone approached me about how it touched their life. Moments like these allow me to see the anointing of god in my life and His power to change lives with His love. –Hannah

I did not have any idea what to expect. When I signed up to come on the trip. It was so emotionally charged for me. To see the elderly shut-9ins and their dependence on the ministry just broke me. Aldaberto is Jesus in skin. He exudes the love of Jesus and is genuine and wants nothing. I am not only inspired but humbled by his love for those people. I will forever be changed. Each and every person will live in my heart. - Gloria


Here are some testimonies from the Sonlight Missions team who were with us at the end of July:

Being on a mission trip to San Luis is truly a life changing experience! My faith has grown while we have ministered to the people here and I feel blessed to have been a part of God´s work in San Luis. I am looking forward to coming back soon as the Lord allows. - Janice

I had been to San Luis twice as a teenager 5 years ago. This year I had so many things going on with work, college, my friends and home church that I was dreading leaving my comfort zone in PA to come to Mexico. I have been so blessed by the children and people here in San Luis, I could not imagine if I chose not to come. I love the children here at Bethel and the Oasis and can`t wait to come back and see them. - Alysia

This my fourth trip to San Luis. I have not been since 2003 because of some family issues, but most of just getting absorbed in the business of life. Coming this time just reinforced how much I love it here. The people are so kind and accepting. It was good to see my friends Adalberto and Ernie. There is nothing about being here that I don´t love...This trip refreshed me spiritually and got me back in touch with what is really important. Thanks for making this possible. - Scott

This was my third time coming to San Luis, and this trip was just as amazing as the first two. Coming back and seeing not only new faces, but the old faces as well was wonderful. My heart is touched countless times as I give to others and even more as I receive so much more than I am able to give out. Can´t wait to come back next year! - Laken

This is my third trip to San Luis and I do sing to show my love for God BUT I have never given a testimony. At the jail God put it in my heart to share what was in my heart. I was so nervous but because of my testimony a woman was given hope! She had been in jail 9 years. Her 7 year old son and her family have yet to be informed that she is in jail. I told them the footprints story. God never leaves us even in our darkest moments. - Jessica

I have been blessed greatly by being in San Luis this week. This has been my second year and I hope to come for many years in the future. The kids at Bethel are awesome! I love them! - Tammy

This was my third mission trip and certainly not my last. The mission work at Bethel, Oasis, street ministry, nursing home, and shut ins was an absolute phenomenal experience. We are able to do so little, but so little is so much more than nothing. What I bring home from the trip is so much more than I could ever possibly ever give. I leave here blessed, knowing that God is at work in San Luis - Joy

This is my second time coming and it by far surpasses my previous trip. We had a great team, great projects, and we have a great God. Every time I turn around God is doing something amazing in San Luis. He not only has blessed this city, he also blessed me. - Jozie

For my second trip to San Luis, Mexico, I can say that I thought I would be coming to bless, but I am leaving with more blessing than I had even planned to come and give. This trip to Mexico has opened my eyes to humble myself. We took a trip to the shut-ins one of the days we were here. To actually see the homes of the local people has touched my heart. Also this year I have spent more time with the Bethel children. Just their smiles make you want to back. The way their faces stay in your minds and the way they touch your hearts is impossible to describe in words. But like I said, I came down to bless, but I am leaving more blessed than I could have ever imagined even giving. - Morgan

It was another great trip. The shut ins touched all our hearts. You take such good care of the kids and the boys at Oasis. I am so glad that they have you guys. Keep up the good work. - Sharon

I have been coming here for 8 years. It gets better every time I come. The new ministries are just great. Ken and Juana Blose are a God send. Adalberto, what a great man of God. He puts me in mind of Paul. I will continue to come back. This is where my heart is. - Bill


Hey Everybody!

Sorry for the delay in our updates. Juana, Kendi and I had a brief time out to attend my nephew Christophers wedding. It was the first time that my three brothers and I and our wives were all together. My oldest brother Todd works for the military in Washington DC, and my brother David, father of the groom, lives in England and works for NATO. Because of our international careers, we have been hard pressed to get together. It was a joy to celebrate this time with the family in Lancaster PA. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Since our return I have been working on different administrative and financial issues while at the same time gearing up for this years medical clinic. If you are waiting for sponsorship info or photos, please be patient as we get caught up. School is also about to start, and that has us running around getting supplies together for 40 kids.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Pedro and a team of boys went down south on a missions trip to Kino Bay in Sonora Mexico. They laid tile at a local Church of God and ministered in the church. We want to thank Alex Davis and her friends and family for providing the funds for this trip. Here are some pictures.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Our beauty teacher Xochitl is continuing her classes daily with the older girls of Bethel. They are doing well and learning all aspects including hair cutting, coloring and styling, manicure and pedicure, and makeup. We hope it will be something they can use in their future. Here are some pictures.

PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY!!! For Pastor Mark of Palmetto Florida who is dealing with some serious health issues.

ALSO PRAY!!!! For my pastors wife, who is also getting tested for a serious health problem she has been dealing with. Her name is Melanie.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Please be praying for Pastor Mark, from Palmetto Florida. His in surgery at this moment for a cyst in his spinal column, and the diagnosis is not very positive. Pastor Mark is Papa Harolds pastor during the winter and a good friend of our ministry.


A hardworking group from a number of churches near Uniontown PA, led by Bill and Sharon Layhue of Sonlight Missions just left San Luis having blessed many people in our town. They worked on the soup kitchen, a new house for a needy family and did some interior painting at the orphanage. They ministered to children at Jesses church and Bethel. They ministered in the streets, a the nursing home, rehab centers, churches. Everywhere they went they blessed people with rice and beans and ice cream and other treats. God used them in a mighty way all week long. Here are some pictures, we hope to have their testimonies for you later on.