Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Our founder and director Papa Harold celebrated his 80th birthday this past weekend. We want to express our great appreciation for all the years he has dedicated to keep Caring Hearts strong and growing. He is a great man of God with a heart of service, compassion and love, who manifests the life of Christ in all he does. God bless you Papa Harold and we hope you had a good one, and that we will see many more. We love you.

The Children and Staff of Caring Hearts Mexico.


John 11:25-26
“Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?"

Last month I wrote about the incredible snowstorms we had here in Western Pennsylvania. Forty-eight inches of snow fell in the month of February alone. Yesterday it was 70 degrees and sunny. The Daffodils and Tulips are starting to push up through the soil and buds are appearing on the trees and bushes. Springs is here and although we’ll still have several weeks of chilly weather the season of rebirth has arrived and it is always welcome in this part of the country.
There is a kind of “Spiritual Winter” that is casting long gray shadows across the globe. It’s easy to become discouraged when you look around and see so much sin and sorrow and so little of God in our culture. But we need to take heart. I remember seeing a poster that was a picture of a sunrise. Across it were written these words; “We are an Easter people and Hallelujah is our song.” I like that. As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus we can look around and see Resurrected Lives” everywhere. Addicts set free from years of bondage, marriages brought back from the brink of divorce and of course beautiful children who had no one to care for them, now safe, sound and well-fed at Bethel Orphanage or Oasis Boy’s Home. Each of these precious children is like a tender shoot pushing up through the soil of God’s garden, green, healthy and full of promise. In just a little while they will blossom into an elegant flower that will eventually bear fruit in the Kingdom of God. This has been possible because you have labored faithfully in the fields of San Luis, planting, watering and reaping this precious harvest. I believe the Master is pleased with your work and says, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

Be Blessed in 2010
Pastor Gary Simpson

Pastor Gary is a long time friend of Papa Harold and a member of our board. He has been coming to San Luis since the late 80's.


We were blessed with a group from Albany Oregon, the Willamette Community Church. They did some shut in visits and spent time with our kids. They also ministered in our church, rehab centers, and home Bible study. They blessed Sister Hilda and her church with a program as well and spent some time at the brickyards. They also ministered in another town close by where they have long time friends who have a church. They helped a shut in who was being kicked out of her borrowed house. They also spent time at the boy's home. A special blessing with this group: 3 of the families brought 9 children between the ages 0f 4 and 9. They were our youngest missionary group, and they had a blast. I admire this group who trusted God and followed the call despite all the warnings that come from the world about Mexico. If you have any doubts about coming to Mexico, I want you to remember this group of little missionaries. They dared to come and they were blessed...what is stopping you??? Enjoy the pictures and testimonies.

I guess my testimony would be that I never thought that it was possible to love so many children who are strangers. I will never forget the time I spent with the kids. I love them all. - Jessica

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to visit and be a part of the different ministries in San Luis and Tabasco. The people are so warm and accommodating. Caring Hearts is a wonderful ministry helping those with great needs, filling the gaps where parents and relatives are not available now or are absent. - Daryl

Overall experience has been excellent. A total blessing from above and I whish to have a chance to come back as soon as possible. - Julio

Caring Hearts was a wonderful place to stay and experience Mexico for the first time. It gave me an opportunity to experience and share Gods' love with the people of San Luis and the surrounding communities. - Jeff

I enjoyed sharing with the children. I saw the power of prayer and how it helped people. I enjoyed the camaraderie. I was surprised at the wonderful accommodations and the compound. - Gil

did not know how God could use me since I do not speak spanish. God provided translators and people whom hearts were ready to hear the gospel. I saw lives change, and I changed a little bit every time I saw God work. I thank God for this experience, because it renewed a right spirit in me. - Leona

God is powerful and answers prayers! We saw many miracles and Gods' provision. God was saving people - they were receptive and grateful. The Mexican people are very warm and loving, and we felt welcome. God kept us safe and united, and we developed great relationships with each other, and prayed more sincerely together.
Thank you, Ken, and your staff - God Bless ! - Jeaninne

This was an awesome trip for a group of thirty with an age range of five - fifty-eight. The variety of skills and talents were matched with a variety of ministry opportunities: serving food to poor at the dump, assisting a single mom in moving, ministering to the kids at Bethel, playing soccer with the older kids at the boys' home, visiting the shut-ins, helping with building projects at nearby Tabasco, presenting dramas on the street and at services. The facility at Bethel provided us a home base with all the accommodations we needed to restore and prepare ourselves for our daily outings. We were all changed from our experiences during the week. Our praise goes to God, to Him all the glory, and our thanks to the helpful brothers and sisters in San Luis. - Brian

God made me aware of my sin of self interests. Through the ministry of Gods' Word and conviction of His Spirit, God has opened my heart and mind to the interest of others. Philippians 2:2-4 - Larry

At first when my dad told me I was going, I did not really want to, but when I got here I fell in love with the kids. I loved helping them and being their friend. I got attached with them and it was really hard to say good bye. The person who showed the most love to me was Diego. It is really sad to leave, but I WILL BE BACK. I got to see lots of things. Their best houses here are one of the normal houses in America. We helped paint a church in Tabasco, move a lady to a different house, pass out food at the dump, to go to drug rehab centers, etc. I loved this trip and I will never forget this experience. - Adam (Age 13)
Caring Hearts, on behalf of Adam, I want to thank you for helping shape his life forever. I am grateful for all that you offer.
Scott Miller
Adam's dad.


We had a short visit from Shawn White and his students from the Arizona State University Chi Alpha group. They helped put a roof on our Bible School Teacher's Jesse's house and also helped paint one of the orphanage dorms. They ministered in the dump and had some good times at the Boy's Home. They also gave out ice cream and had fun with the kids at the Soup Kitchen. Here are some pictures and testimonies.

When we first pulled into Bethel and hopped out of the car, I was kind of nervous. One of our team members, Chad, spoke some spanish and started playing with the kids and they really liked him. I do not speak very much spanish, so I did not know how this would go. Suddenly, a little boy named Luis came up, hugged me and said, " Hola, Amiga! " That made me smile so big and know that the next few days was going to be amazing! - Morgan

When I came to Bethel, I came with this idea that I would be seeking in great ways. When I came, the first day we painted a white wall with white paint and played with children. That was not what I was expecting, but the Lord opened my eyes to see how great a help that it was. The kids need to see love in every way and even if I can not speak the language very well, I could still love them unconditionally. I also saw that the God Christians serve in Mexico is the same God I serve. Through the testimony of Alberto and others, I saw how the same spirit works in all of us. The faith the Mexicans have is the same as I have. God works miracles through willing vessels. - Alison

I put a new roof on the house of a local pastor. It will not let any rain in ! Now his his house will be a refuge for his community and a temple for the Lord ! It hit me deep as we prayed for the family and their tears hit the sand and touched my heart. I was moved and every bruised finger was worth it ! - Chad

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


A annual spring break tradition continued this year with a visit from Kevin McFee and students from the Chi Alpha group of Embry Riddle University in Prescott Arizona. This year they put new roofs on the homes of two needy families, ministered to the children, garbage dump and shut ins. They also were involved in our church service. Here are some testimonies:

"Love and be loved, nothing else matters. " Mother Theresa
I have an opportunity here to share a part of my life with people who are not as blessed I have been. Nothing can replace the joy and peace in my heart when I share the love of God with the kids and people here at Bethel. Now, I need to take the stories and memories and not just share them with my family and friends, but to continue to love and share Gods' love with all people. - Andrew
As a campus pastor, it was great watching our students take part of their spring break to give back and do something that matters. They could have gone to a beach some where and spent tons of money on themselves, instead they chose to come to an orphanage and use their funds to bless the children and people of San Luis. - Matt

I have learned a lot about love in this trip. The fact that people who have so little can give so much back in return for us helping, says a lot about Gods' love. - Caitlin

Thursday, March 25, 2010


For the second year in a row, a group from Geneva College blessed us in a different way. They stay at the Boy's Home, which really was a treat for the boys, and made them feel special. They helped us by painting the main building and the new water shed. They also ministered to shut ins, the dump, Bethel, the city orphanage and the Indian Village, and blessed our church with ministry as well. Here are some pictures and testimonies.

My week here at Oasis has been incredible. I could truly feel God working in me. His presence here is tangible, and I can feel His abundant life in a new way here. The staff at Caring Hearts did a great job leading our outreaches, guiding, translating, organizing, facilitating, opening doors, providing opportunities for us to see God working and to be worked in. Their lives are profound examples of faith and astounding testimonies. It has been a blessing to be here. - Risa

Throughout the entirety of the trip, I got to experience what family is truly about by seeing the boys and Pedro. I also learned about being a humble servant from watching the boys serve us. Lastly, I felt the true power of Gods' love and how he moves " especially " everywhere. - Mike

I learned the importance and significance of a smile this week while building relationships with the boys at Bethel. On Saturday, we were complete strangers with a language barrier. How do you even begin? It all started with a smile. It suddenly let me open up and the boys became more comfortable and the love was unleashed. I noticed how easy it is for me to love the people here, the boys, the women at the rehab center, the children at the city orphanage, and the people in the village. I need to love at home in the U.S.A. like I love here in San Luis. I want to love all I come in contact with. - Alice

This year was more amazing than the last . The boys at Oasis have become like our family and have so much life in them. Thru all our ministries this week, we were challenged to take a step out of our comfort zones and rely on the Holy Spirit to work thru us, each member giving a different part to the effort. All the staff were very encouraging and inspiring, and I believe we did some good this week. - Anna

This was my third time visiting. Every time is incredible. I prayed that my heart would be broken for things that break the heart of the Lord. I learned that God answers prayers even when it hurts. The impact that Caring Hearts has had on my life is something that I can not put into words. The boys at Oasis have instilled a hope in me these past years by sharing what they are learning from God and the people in their lives. I have learned intentionality. I struggle with being intentional with friends, family, and God but I learned a lot while I have been here in just one week. I always leave Mexico with a new joy that I learn from the staff and kids of Caring Hearts. Thank you Caring Hearts for making God so present in San Luis , see you soon ! - Kaylee

Mexico was fantastic. The people at Caring Hearts invite you to be a part of their family for the duration of the trip. I learned through Caring Hearts that the love of Jesus is universal. - Jeff

This trip to Mexico was amazing ! I loved being able to share Gods' love with various groups of people, even when I could not communicate thoroughly with words. I saw God in a whole new light. The people here have a passion for Him that is rare in America, which challenged how I view " faith. " We in America try to be so self sufficient that we push God to the back burner. In San Luis though, the people need God to get them through and the benefits of their relentless trust in Him are evident. The things I learned while on this trip will stay with me for a long while. - Kristen

Coming to San Luis could not have gone any better. Not to make comparisons of doing missions work, but I have gone to Tijuana twice before on mission trips, and I got so much more out of this San Luis trip. Not only did I get more out of it, but the relationships I built were stronger. The work we did was more hands on and right up in the front lines, and the spiritual growth was just amazing. The people of San luis are some amazing people who desperately need God in their lives. For just one week, we were able to help spread the good news through songs, words, prayer, our actions, and just making our best effort to show pure servant hood. This was such an amazing trip and I look forward to getting a chance to return next year. Muchas Gracias ! - Justin

The trip was such a blessing in my life. Oasis opened up to all of us and made us a part of the family from the very first day. The things done by the people here are truly inspirational as well as the stories of the people who do them. I plan on coming back next year because I am convinced that if there is one good decision God has allowed me to make, it was this trip. - Caleb

This trip to San Luis was amazing. God showed me His love and blessed me, and He showed me that He blesses people with so much more than material possessions. He also showed me that there is still so much more to do for Him. There are still so many people to reach, so many people looking for fulfillment but not knowing where to find it. There are so many people who are willing to listen, but you just need to talk. - Kyle

After seven years of leading trips to San Luis, this was the first year we did the shut-in ministry. We will definitely do it again as it was very eye opening and gave a first hand look into the very difficult lives of some of San Luis most needy people. Each person we visited had a different story that I will take back with me and be able to remember in prayer. We also painted one womans' house, doing something specific to help her was a blessing for our whole group. - Karen

Saturday, March 6, 2010


We were very blessed this past week with a group from The Answer is Jesus International Slavic Ministries. They are from Minnesota, but all are from different countries of the Ex-Soviet Union, including Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Russia. It was a lot of fun learning a new language! Slava Bogu means Glory to God in Russian. They ministered with our pastors inviting people door to door, did village ministry, visited shut ins and shared in three churches and two rehab centers. We also went to one of the southern farming towns for the first time. Many people received the Lord at all the services we did. Here are some photos and testimonies.

This was my first mission trip. God touched my heart, and I fell in love with Mexico. - Val

I am Maria, I am 15 years old. This was my first missions trip. I fell in love with Mexico and its people. God used me in this place more than any other to serve people and he also touched me like I have never been touched. I just want to say that if you want to serve God in some way then just pray. He will answer your prayer! He always does! Because He answered mine. He wanted me to come to Mexico and serve people, so I did. There is nothing impossible for our God. Ask Him for something, he will give it to you, but when it is His time and you have to believe that what you are asking for will come true in order to receive it from God! You must have faith! - Maria

My name is Lena. I am originally from Kherson, Ukraine. I have lived in the United States for 12 years now. This was my second time in Mexico, the first time with a missions team. Since I got to know Jesus personally, I will never be the same again. Even though it is not always easy to get out of my comfort zone, but once it is over, I have a great satisfaction. The ministry in the jail was unforgettable. I am sure that this is only the beginning of my missionary journey. I thank you for this opportunity to serve and learn, and thank you for arranging everything for us here! God bless you. - Lena

My name is Ella. I was born in a Christian family and I have always had what I needed. Because of that sometimes I would forget to thank God for what He gives me. I thought it was normal to have all that I need, but here, when I saw all those people and their needs, I understood that I have to be very thankful to God, for my family, my friends and all that I have. It was amazing to see all those open people and share God´s love with them. May God bless Mexico. - Ella

My name is Artsem. Well, I liked the oppoortunity to testify about my life. There was a great opportunity in the rehab center when we did our drama, I felt God´s touch there. That experience made me sure that I had to be here. I would like to write my whole experience, but it won't fit on the paper. God blessed me here. - Artsem.

On this missionary trip, God showed me that we don't have to be selfish because there are people around the world that have almost nothing, and that we fall into that 20% of the lucky people that actually live in houses and have everything that we need, the other 80% have almost nothing. I thank God for this trip so much. I loved it, thanks. - Nikita

I didn't think Mexico was going to be this way. It turned out better than I thought it would. God blessed me so much, through the kids, the crowd, the boys and the preaching! Everything was a seed to my heart, and now it is up to me to water it! I know God will bring me back. I will pray for you and your mission. Thank you again and again. I learned to be happy even when everything is not good and I don't have much. God bless. - Francisca

This was my first time going on a mission trip. I loved it! Thank God I could come to Mexico and serve people. - Vika

This was my first time talking to people, praying for them and bringing people to God. It just lifted me up and fulfilled my wish. I want to be a missionary more now and when I grow up, I will give my life to God, preaching and praying with people. This place has given me a boost. I am happy I did something for God. I always wanted more stuff, more games, fun toys and things I didn't need. I thought my house was bad and I am in a bad neighborhood. I just saw what these people had and just thought how lucky I am to live in America, but still these people are still happy and praising God like there is no tomorrow. They are so open. I just want God to bless these people. This place changed my life. I will tell more people about God now. I will come back, I can do a lot in my life still, I am only 13. I will live for God. Thank you for letting me come. God bless - Yarslav


Wow, how fast this year is going. Again I have let a few weeks pass between posts to this blog. There is always something to do here, and informing you, our friends and sponsors, sometimes goes on the back burner. We are starting to look at some folks to help me so that I will be freer to do more reports. Please pray that they work out. I am hoping to do a series of blog posts today to get everyone caught up, so this will be the first of several.

One matter for prayer and one of the reasons I have been busy thought there has not been any groups is the fact the Mexican Government has instituted a whole new series of laws and requirements for us as home for children. For five years since I have been here, we have been free to do our best for these kids, but now the government is stepping in and adding a long list of items they feel we need to do even better. Part of that is a slew of paper work (bureaucracy, don't you love it?) and I have been spending my group-less weeks working on that.

We have been blessed this year by Bev and Nathan Dussmore from British Columbia Canada. They are friends of Mama Bertha who have been helping out at the orphanage the past month or so. They have installed new windows in our old dorm building, and built shelves for one of Mama Bertha's storage rooms in the same building. They also brought a lot of donations and gave them out to Bethel, Oasis, the church and out in the community.

Members of the Layhue family from Uniontown and Erie braved the huge Pittsburgh Snowstorm and helped us minister for a week. They finished up the house we were building for one of our blind shut ins and spent time with the children, church and community.

We also had a visit from our friends Bob and Lori from Walnut Grove AG, who came to spend time with the kids.

Last but not least, we had a group of first timers from Minnesota visit us this past week, but I will give those details in the following post. Enjoy the news, keep praying and tell your friends that testimonies of God's goodness are at the Caring Hearts blog!!!