Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Hey Everybody!

We have a new website!  It is a work of art presented by Joe Osborne and our Next Generation Team!  I will be blogging from there from now on, so check it out, make it your home page and keep up with what God is doing through Caring Hearts.

I will be dropping this blog soon, let us know when you have seen the new site!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Pedro and the boys have started working on building a shade for their soccer field.  Not only will it be an excellent addition for the home, it is also a learning experience for the boys.  Professors from a local tech school are lending a hand as well.  Pray for wisdom and safety as they work on this exciting new project.  Here are some pictures:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


The Caring Hearts Elementary School started this past Monday and so far is doing quite well.  The teachers and kids are excited and happy and the future looks bright.  We will be giving out the uniforms next week.  We want to thank all of those who generously gave to help this new ministry, without you there would be no school.  It is already a blessing for the kids and as time goes on we know we will see the fruits of this effort.  Please pray for all involved as we continue to iron out details and do what needs to be done to make this the best school possible for our Caring Hearts children.  See more photos at our Facebook page.  


The Oasis Wednesday Night Bible Study celebrated its 4th anniversary with testimonies and tacos.  What a blessing it has been for the boys and the people in the surrounding communities.  Many of the boys shared testimonies of how God has used Oasis to get them on the right track.  Check out our Facebook page for more photos.  

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Check out the wonderful closets the boys made this Summer.  Praise the Lord!
Also, be sure you like us on Facebook and see the latest album and testimonies from our last group from Monroeville PA.  You will be blessed!
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dear Friends of Caring Hearts, 

Rosita is in the United States!  Praise the Lord!  She will be living in Confluence, Pennsylvania and attending Westmoreland Community College.  We thank God that He has opened the doors for this great opportunity.  She needs YOUR help!  Her tuition and living arrangements are cared for, but there are additional expenses that her sponsors need help with, such as books and transportation costs. If you would like to help, please contact our Stateside Coordinator Blake Richert for details on helping with Rosita´s continuing education.  Call 412-780-6303 or write Please keep Rosita in your prayers as she starts this new adventure in America.  

Caring Hearts Ministries

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Hey Everybody,

We have a little break between groups so I am posting reports and pictures.  We have a ton of new ones at our Facebook page, if you haven´t signed up and liked us yet, now is the time!

We have had some groups, graduations and other news to report.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so here you go, check out the Facebook page for even more pictures.

We had a lot of graduations last month.  Here is Rosita, our High School graduate.  See photos of all of them at our Facebook page. 

A new car was donated for Shut In work, Praise the Lord!

Papa Harold with Brother Jose´s grandson Josue.  He looks just like grandpa, who we will miss.  See pictures from our Victory Celebration at our Facebook Page! 

Monday, June 11, 2012


 Armando with Daisy and Harold McKamish
Armando receives his diploma

Here is another High School graduate who got their start in San Luis and Caring Hearts.  Armando was taken to the Bethel Orphanage when he was 5 years old and then moved to Oasis when he was 12.  He was adopted at the age of 17 by a family in Confluence PA and has had success in his new home.  Along with his school work, he also plays soccer and is involved in the volunteer fire department.  Pray for Armando as he decides what his next step will be for his future.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Jorge was adopted at the age of thirteen in October 2006 by Belinda and Ken Eber.  “It has been such a blessing to watch Jorge grow and mature.  He has a great spirit and he is very loving, a joy to our family.”  Jorge graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School this past June and is working for a local home builder.  Jorge attended Steel Center Technical School where he studied general construction as part of his high school education.  Jorge’s passion is sports.  He plays golf several times a week, plays basketball and works out at the gym daily and loves to watch all types of professional sports on television.   In addition, Jorge was a four year letterman in track, played football and golf for Thomas Jefferson High School.
When you allow God’s plan to unfold, amazing events can take place.  “We knew from the beginning that God was in charge of this adoption, although this transition was difficult in the beginning for Jorge and us, we became a family.”  The Eber’s are grateful to all the new people that they have met through Jorge’s adoption.  “God not only called his mother and me to adopt Jorge, but God also called a lot of other folks to help in the process.  Jorge has a whole network of caring adults that have helped him grow into a man.  To this day we see God’s plan in action as new people are being called to be part of Jorge’s life.” 
Jorge was a strong kid even at age thirteen.  Jorge was physically, mentally, and most importantly, spiritually ready to be adopted.  “Jorge trusted that God had a plan for him and so did we.”  We thank Caring Hearts Ministries for all the care and love the staff gave to Jorge in molding him into a spirit-filled child, ready and able to grow into a fine young man.  Mostly we thank God for his constant love and guidance in our lives.
We thank each of you for supporting Caring Hearts Ministries.  Just like they did for Jorge, the staff offers care and love to each child.  Just like God continues to do for Jorge, God has a plan for each child in Caring Hearts’ care.  It sure is exciting to see God’s plan unfold in Mexico and here in Pittsburgh! 

Friday, April 13, 2012


Dear Caring Hearts Family,

Ever since Juana and I arrived here in San Luis on our first short trip together, we saw the need there was for better education for the kids.  When we came on full time, we set to work looking for ways to improve the situation.  We have found some things that work, and others that haven´t.  One of the biggest issues are the schools.  What we have seen in the public schools are overloaded class sizes, incompetent and uncaring teachers, and a general lack of quality.  So we tried private schools, which are expensive.  For a number of reasons, we have found this option inadequate as well.   After prayer and research, we have decided to go in another direction.  The first step - We are going to have our own elementary school at the Bethel Orphanage.  With the help of our Children´s Pastor Eleazar Rodriguez, who is heavily involved in the state education system, we are in the process of being a private school, exclusively for the children under our care.  Please pray as we go through all the paper work involved, that everything is approved and we can get started this fall.

One of the things we want to do is renovate our facilities so that our teachers and students can be in a clean, comfortable environment.  We are working on insulating our current classrooms, painting, laminate flooring, and new furniture.  We calculate we need $2500 for each room, and we have 5 rooms to renovate, plus the halls. 2 of those rooms are represented by our large Sunday School room, which will be used at the school for different activities.   Would you like to help us in this exciting new project?  Contact us at Caring Hearts and let us know how you can help.  Perhaps your church or group would like to sponsor an entire room.  We are moving ahead by faith, but it will be cutting in our our budget if we do not have help from you.  Help us do the best we can for our children here, let us hear from you today.

If you would like details on how we came to make this decision, let me know.  I am hoping to describe the history of this choice to all those who may be interested.  Drop me a line.

God bless


Friday, March 30, 2012


Wow, what a busy year it has been so far, and I am finally getting some time to share what has been going on here in San Luis with Caring Hearts.  God has placed a new vision in our hearts we are anxious to tell you about, but in this report I want to give a little review of what has happened in the year.  First of all, I want to encourage you to go to Facebook and ¨like¨ our Facebook page, if you haven´t already.  There you will find a lot of pictures of our Christmas season, in case you missed them.  I am trying to be more regular in my reporting via Facebook, it is easier and faster to do, but even with that, it goes on the back burner with all the other stuff that goes on.

After Christmas we started the new year with a group from Grace Methodist Church and IUP of Indiana PA.  As always had a great time of ministry and construction.  They helped finish a house that was started in November for one of our shut ins, and ministered in different areas.  Here are some pictures:

Our friend Staci and her fiancee came in for a visit.  She taught English for a week at Bethel while Ben worked with the boys at Oasis.

Starting in the end of January, we launched two large projects.  We assisted the city government with a new youth home for teen age boys and girls.  We built a basketball court, helped with paint and a wall, and also built kitchen cabinets.  We also laid a slab and built the walls for a dining room kitchen for the women´s rehab center.  

In February we had a short visit from the Miller family of Seattle and the Embry Riddle Chi Alpha group from Prescott AZ.  They were a huge blessing as they worked with a number of different ministries of Caring Hearts.  Juana and I had a time of R&R with Papa Harold in Florida which was refreshing.

March was a busy month as our best weather was greeted by four groups in a row.  Geneva College was first, with a visit from one of our ex-orphans, Rodolfo.  They painted a school and ministered throughout San Luis.

(sorry for all the soccer pics, they were too cool to not use!)

After that, our Dream Team construction group came led by our 82 year old director Harold McKamish. A week of long hours yielded the termination of the dining hall for the rehab center, a start to renovations of our classroom area and the building of trusses for a church. Whew!  All in all a tiring but satisfying trip.  Check out the video by our friend Chris Clarke.

After that a group of Students from Arizona State University came in for the weekend, and ministered to the children, boy´s home, garbage dump and shut ins.

Lastly, we hosted a group from Albany Oregon.  They spent three days in another town, and then blessed Caring Hearts with work on our classrooms, a trip to visit shut ins, Oasis,  and the dump.

And now we are in April, the kids will be on vacation the next two weeks, the weather is beautiful and we will have a break from groups for the next 6 weeks.  We hope to get caught up in a lot of different areas and we are working on a new project I will share with you shortly in a future report.  I am sure it will thrill your heart and motivate you to continue sharing YOUR caring heart.