Thursday, June 7, 2012


Jorge was adopted at the age of thirteen in October 2006 by Belinda and Ken Eber.  “It has been such a blessing to watch Jorge grow and mature.  He has a great spirit and he is very loving, a joy to our family.”  Jorge graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School this past June and is working for a local home builder.  Jorge attended Steel Center Technical School where he studied general construction as part of his high school education.  Jorge’s passion is sports.  He plays golf several times a week, plays basketball and works out at the gym daily and loves to watch all types of professional sports on television.   In addition, Jorge was a four year letterman in track, played football and golf for Thomas Jefferson High School.
When you allow God’s plan to unfold, amazing events can take place.  “We knew from the beginning that God was in charge of this adoption, although this transition was difficult in the beginning for Jorge and us, we became a family.”  The Eber’s are grateful to all the new people that they have met through Jorge’s adoption.  “God not only called his mother and me to adopt Jorge, but God also called a lot of other folks to help in the process.  Jorge has a whole network of caring adults that have helped him grow into a man.  To this day we see God’s plan in action as new people are being called to be part of Jorge’s life.” 
Jorge was a strong kid even at age thirteen.  Jorge was physically, mentally, and most importantly, spiritually ready to be adopted.  “Jorge trusted that God had a plan for him and so did we.”  We thank Caring Hearts Ministries for all the care and love the staff gave to Jorge in molding him into a spirit-filled child, ready and able to grow into a fine young man.  Mostly we thank God for his constant love and guidance in our lives.
We thank each of you for supporting Caring Hearts Ministries.  Just like they did for Jorge, the staff offers care and love to each child.  Just like God continues to do for Jorge, God has a plan for each child in Caring Hearts’ care.  It sure is exciting to see God’s plan unfold in Mexico and here in Pittsburgh! 

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