Friday, April 29, 2011


At Caring Hearts, it is our desire to do all we can to help our children get a head start in life.  We have had computer classes now for the kids for over a year, and we have seen great results from our adolescents.  They know how to us all of the office programs and also how to type.  Now we are starting with the younger children, so they too can familiarize themselves with this vital tool.  Here are some pictures of our 1st grade girls learning how to use Microsoft Paint.


In Mexico, April 30th is Children's Day.  The Caring Hearts church celebrated a couple of days early with a special service dedicated to the kids.  There was singing of kids praise songs, special lessons, a drama and afterward, hot dogs, snacks, chocolates and juice.  Here are some pictures:

Thursday, April 28, 2011


“If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied”
1 Cor. 15:19

We just celebrated Easter, the holiday that marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  In Bible studies, sermons and songs the message was clear; having died for the sins of mankind on the cross, Jesus rose again promising eternal life for all those who believe in Him. 

An important question to ask is, “What if Jesus did not rise from the grave?”  What if He died and returned to the dust of the ground never to be heard from again?  I know His disciples would have remembered Him as long as they lived.  After all how do you forget someone who turned water into wine, fed 5,000 people with a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish and walked on water?  I guarantee that all those who were healed would have told their stories of His miraculous power as long as they had breath.  If someone restored your sight, cured you of deafness, healed you of leprosy or enabled you to walk after you had been paralyzed all your life, wouldn’t you tell the story over and over?  Jesus would have been lovingly remembered for a generation or two, but probably not much longer.  These stories of miracles would have inspired many, but without the resurrection there could be no healing of the soul, no promise of Heaven. 

I saw a movie recently about a quadriplegic man who had been bedfast for 28 years.  Once a handsome and active young man,  a diving accident left him totally dependent on the help of others.  Tired of living this way he chose to end his life, and just before he did so by drinking poison, he assured friends that he was confident that there was no Heaven or Hell and that he would simply cease to exist.  The movie disturbed me.  I wanted to jump through the screen and tell this man all about Jesus, His life, His death and most of all His resurrection.  I wanted to tell him all about Heaven and the free gift of eternal life, but of course I couldn’t.

Going back to Paul’s statement, if we had hope in this life only, the story of Caring Hearts, the Orphanage, the Boys Home, the Feeding Station and the Blind Center would be heartwarming because a lot of people have been cared for and loved.  But it would not be a story of triumph.  I want to remind all of you that the greatest work we
do in San Luis is telling people the Good News of salvation and life through Jesus Christ.  Yes, we feed hungry people, but we also feed hungry souls.  We minister to the blind, but only Jesus can open the eyes of the soul.  Thank God that Jesus did rise from the grave. Because He did, we have hope in Christ in this life and hope for all eternity when this life is over.  They call that victory! 


Recently at the Shine a Light in Your Life Center for the Blind, an Olympic competition was held.  City dignataries, including the mayor, were on hand to enjoy the intense competition, which consisted of a running race using plastic tape as a guide.  Fun and medals were had by all, and it was a great time of fellowship.  A number of blind people from Mexicali also came and participated.  Here are some pictures.


With the economy looking scarier every day, we at Caring Hearts are looking for ways to lower our expenses as much as possible.  At Oasis, Pedro has started to teach the boys a little about farming.  We now have a chicken coop which is yielding eggs, and they are preparing the land next to the teacher's dorm for a garden.  Pray that they will reap a harvest and be motivated to learn even more during these difficult times. 


Recently a group of young people from a church in San Luis Mexico visited the boys at Oasis.  It is a blessing for them to see other Mexican teenagers who are serving God. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I am just getting caught up after a busy March, and am finally getting to write a report for YOU, the Caring Hearts of Caring Hearts.

The first week of March we had a small group from different churches and Geneva College visit us.  They did some painting at the Kino school and spent quality time with the kids of Bethel and Oasis.  They also visited the soup kitchen and shut ins.  Here are some pictures:

After this group left, our friends from Chi Alpha of Embery Riddle and Arizona State University came in.  The Embery-Riddle students put on some roofs and played soccer with the boys.  They also held some carnivals for kids at the soup kitchen, Bethel and a poor neighborhood.  The Arizona State group ministered with the children, the dump, visited shut ins and helped with our Kino painting project.  Here are some pictures:

Shortly after our spring breakers left, a large group from Albany Oregon came in.  They worked a few days in another town with another pastor, then spent three days with us, ministering in the street and churches, with the shut ins and our kids.  This is a family group that brings young children, a real testimony of the safety we find here with Caring Hearts in San Luis.  Here are some pictures and testimonies

I took a mission trip from the U.S.  to Mexico in March of 2011.  We stayed at Caring Hearts.  We came here to help feed the people and spread the good word to a place less privileged than the U.S.  We shared some of the most amazing times with the people.  I have read in the Bible of how we are to treat our neighbors.  Well I have never experienced that till I spent time here.  People who have very little fed us better than themselves.  Some families eat meat once every three months.  Those same people fed 30 of us all the time.  Kids had us autograph their shirts just because we were Americans.  I live in the U.S. and I don't feel like we are that great.  In fact, it is the people in Mexico who are great despite what it looks like they don't have.  It is the last night here and I find myself wanting to stay.  If not for the responsibilities back home, I think things would be different.  - John

Going to the dump was an eye opening experience.  I expected the adults, but seeing all the children was heart wrenching - Kristen

This trip was awesome!  I had a really good time.  I made new friends.  All the kids are so nice.   I really liked doing a drama for the people in the park, and on the streets, and in churches.  One of the best things for me was going to the dump.  I can't imagine living in a ton of garbage.  I liked passing out food.  I will miss all the kids and being here. - Adam

Coming to Caring Hearts made me realize that in America, we take so much for granted.  It seems as if here in Mexico, everyone puts family right after God.  They spend so much time with their family.  In America, it seems as if work comes before everything, including God.  When we return home, my husband and I are going to work on spending more time together.  - Shannon