Thursday, November 25, 2010


I am in bed right now, laptop buzzing, writing this report.  I had severe strep throat, and the doctor ordered me to rest while the antibiotics do their work.  Please be praying, we have a group here now and it is hard for me to be sick during this busy time.

This month has been very busy, with only 3 days without a group here.  The first week we had a group from Walnut Grove Assembly of God, led by Bob and Lori Laskovics.  They did a lot of detail work at Marcelo's house, and ministered with the children of the orphanage and needy people of San Luis.

The same day they left, a small group from Sonlight Missions came in.  They helped a Christian Rehab Center put on a new roof.

A tire house for Edit, a single mother with 3 children who is battling cancer. 

The day they left, a group from Saint Ferdinand's came to town.  They started an unique house for one of our shut ins, made out of tires and sand.  They also ministered a lot to our shut ins and were a great blessing.

A new TV for Alfonso, a widower we minister to.  Thanks St. Ferdinands!

Now we have a group from Lebanon Presbyterian who are building a patio for a new feeding center.  They will also be ministering around town.

All this while at the same time we have started the construction of the School for the Blind.  If you want to see how that is going, check out our special blog at

In other news, two of our shut ins folks have visited passed away recently.  Rosa, who suffered with breast cancer, went home to be with the Lord as well as Santa, who had diabetes, anemia and other problems.  We thank God that they are now at peace in the arms of Jesus with no more medical issues to deal with.

We also had a trip to Tecate this month.  5 patients from San Luis went, and three were operated on.  I thank Adalberto and Maria for once again helping out with this ministry.

Today, Pedro told me that Paola had a blood test and her red blood cells miraculously jumped up to over 200,000!  Praise the Lord!!!  Pedro had a spiritual experience in his home a few days ago, and felt God has broken through.  Thank you for your prayers and support, God is good.

I will be posting more pictures and testimonies soon, once this current group is done and I feel better.  In the meantime keep praying.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Dear Friends,

Paola is currently out of the hospital, and feels OK, though her red blood cell level is still low, around 26,000 the last time it was checked, when it needs to be 150,000. She needs to be careful not to injure herself in anyway and not do anything strenuous. November 12 she will go for a check to make sure that it is continuing its upward climb. She is being treated with steroids now, and we all know that those have side effects, so we are still praying for a complete miracle cure. The urgency of the Human Gamagoblulin is not as great, but we want to know of sources if it is needed in the future, so don't stop looking. I want to thank all of the folks who have sent in their pledges to help, we were able to pay the initial hospital and additional funds will be used for the medicines she needs for the next few weeks. Keep praying, and hopefully November 12 we will have a good report.

God bless