Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Last Friday, after over 5 years living here, Lazara decided to leave the orphanage.  She is 19 and wants to have a change in her life, and having gone through that time ourselves we can understand her, though it is hard to see her leave.  Lazara came to us a very troubled girl, and I believe that the love of God shown through Mama Bertha, Maestra Juana and all the groups that came through helped Lazara establish herself and have a new outlook on life.  We took her to a women's shelter run by a local church so she can be in a safe place as she gets used to living away from Bethel.  Pastor Mariano and his wife Mari assure us she will be safe and they will get her involved in a number of activities so she will not get bored.  As long as she is there we will be able to have contact with her and we can still deliver cards and gifts as well.  I am hoping to invite her to come with the groups on different ministry activities as well.  Please pray for her as she goes through this transition, that she will make wise, Godly decisions.  We will all miss Lazara, but are trusting that she is in God's hands and that he has great plans for her. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I want to share a testimony with you about a young man named Abraham.  He attends the Kino school with the Oasis boys.  He lives with his single mother.  The boys reached out to him and became his friend, and he started ¨hanging out¨ with them, attending church and other activities, as well as spending time at the home.  He has responded to the gospel always looks to involve himself in the services.  He and his mother have also been generous and helped the boys.  This week they bought new shoes for them.  It is amazing to see the testimony of the boys as they share the love they have learned, and this young man´s life has been changed.  Glory to God!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Another one of our young ladies celebrated her 15th birthday last month. In Mexico, a girls 15th birthday is celebrated with great fanfare, with a coming out "fiesta".    Juana, Angelica and Sarai organized a nice party for Laura Reyes.  Laura is an excellent student and likes to play basketball and volleyball.  She has been at the orphanage with her brothers and sisters for 6 years. Please pray for her.  Here are some pictures: