Wednesday, July 28, 2010


“You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in his distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat. For the breath of the ruthless is like a storm driving against a wall and like the heat of the desert.” Isaiah 25:4-5a

The other day I held my month old Grandson Luke in my arms. Only 6lbs 5oz when he was born, he’s a tiny little guy and I realized that although I’ve had plenty of experience with babies, I felt nervous holding such a delicate little treasure. It was 92 degrees outside with oppressive humidity, but Luke was dressed in a brand new outfit, wrapped in a clean soft baby blanket, well-fed and lovingly cared for. He was safe and secure in the arms of his Grandfather in a comfortably air-conditioned living room in one of the wealthiest and safest nations in the world.
At that very moment in the vicinity of San Luis, Mexico, I’m sure there were babies just like him, some perhaps born on the very same date, but living in very different conditions. San Luis in July is incredibly hot and although the humidity is usually low, the dust from the streets of sand and the smoke from the brick yard and the burning garbage more than make up for the lack of humidity on the misery index. A child born in a small casa made of brick and
scavenged materials from cardboard to corrugated tin would not have a brand new outfit or a soft blanket and he certainly wouldn’t have air-conditioning. His mother in all likelihood would have had no pre-natal care and food would not be plentiful not even for a newborn child.

Although San Luis has been fortunate in escaping the drug war violence other areas are experiencing, it is nonetheless in a nation that is being ravaged by bloodshed and violence. The “breath of the ruthless”… blows hot across Mexico against the walls of a million vulnerable homes. These needy people need a refuge, a shelter in their distress, and a shade from the heat. That’s where Caring Hearts comes in. That’s where you come in. Your work in San Luis, your
prayers and your giving make it possible for our Mexican brothers and sisters to confirm the words of the prophet in this verse of scripture. We need always to remember that God’s promises of protection and provision are true, but He isn’t going to come down from Heaven and do the work. He sends caring hearts and working hands to be a shelter and a refuge to the needy in distress. The orphanage, church, boys’ home, training center, and feeding station are shelters
for hundreds. Thousands of others are touched through medical missions, the Tin Roof Project and now a ministry to shut-ins and to the blind.

Thank you for being a part of God’s promise of provision and protection for good people who deserve the same blessings we enjoy.

Pastor Gary Simpons
Christian Life Church
Trafford PA

Monday, July 19, 2010


We had a group from Sonlight Missions of Uniontown PA with us for a week. Bill and Sharon led a group of 6 girls through a week of work and ministry. They ministered to children at the soup kitchen and Bethel, painted at a shut ins home and at Bethel and ministered in different places. Here is there story and pictures:

I have really seen many people appreciate our work. This was a good experience for me. This was my first mission trip and I plan to come back as soon as possible. There were many things here that have really help me through some issues. - Annalee

Coming to San Luis is something we look forward to every Summer. The people we meet here are so grateful for the ministries we do during the week. It is such a blessing to hear their stories of how God is working in their lives. Our faith grows by spending time here each year. - Janice

I always love my time in San Luis visiting with the kids is always my favorite part of the trip. We are always so blessed by everyone here. - Sharon

This was my first time in Mexico. It was amazing. As time drew closer to come, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go. I was afraid, but once I got here, I loved it. This has been the best time of my life ever. Coming down here was life changing. I am so happy that I came down. I plan on coming again soon! - Kayla

This has been my third time coming here to San Luis. I absolutely love coming here to help spread the word of God. Passing out beans and rice is one of my favorite things to do because it is such a blessing to see how appreciative each one is who receives. The smiles on their faces make walking out in the heat all worth while. I also love seeing the kids in the orphanage. Each and every one has a place in my heart and even though I don't remember all of their names, all of their faces are in my mind and in my heart as well. I plan to be back next year or as soon as I can. - Morgan

Of the love we are supposed to have for one another. I also was reminded of how our faith should always be put in God no matter the circumstance. I enjoyed playing with the kids at the orphanage and getting to know them. They were a blessing seeing how loving and accepting they are. I was reunited with some friendships, but I also made new friends. This trip was such a blessing and it taught me a lot. this trip has challenged me in my walk with God and I feel like I have grown in the Lord. I would definitely recommend going on this trip for everyone. - Amanda

This was my third time coming to San Luis and I have love it every time I came. I just love the street ministries and giving the poor people beans and rice and food to the people of the dump. It just amazes me how little the people have down here and how much they appreciate us all coming down every summer. - Courtney

Each year we see more of the things God has brought to life in San Luis. God is at work here, not only in the city but in many lives. Thanks to Caring Hearts and the people who believe and are obedient. What a mighty God we serve. - Bill

Friday, July 16, 2010


We were blessed last month with a group from the Red Zone group from the Monroeville Assembly of God. They painted a school and ministered in different ways throughout San Luis. Papa Harold was on hand with several of his grandkids. I will let them tell their story with testimonies and photos.

This was my first mission trip out of the country. I tend to struggle with fear and I was feeling somewhat anxious about this trip. But when I came to San Luis, I began to see the beautiful ministry that Caring Hearts does for the community and I began to realize that when I give in to fear – I am not the only one who misses out on the opportunities that God has for me. The people whom God wants me to minister to also miss out. That completely changed my perspective. That thought helped me to step out to minister so much more while in San Luis. I was very blessed to have been a part of this trip. – Rebecca

It really struck me how well behaved, good-natured, mature and happy the kids are at Bethel and Oasis. I can’t think of any kids in the United States that are better behaved and respectful. Caring Hearts has given a wonderful opportunity to these kids and it is an amazing thing to see – Lindsey

It has been incredible how much God has impacted my spiritual journey and my life in general for this trip. I was thinking about how much I would be used by God to help the people here in San Luis grow closer to Him, but I did not give any thought to how this mission trip would help strengthen my relationship with God. From ministering to the shut-ins, at the drug rehab center - El Rancho - to handing out rice and beans and preaching the Word of God in the prison. I have seen God’s work first hand and I hope that I have been as much of a blessing to the people of San Luis as they and God have been to me. I am so thankful that God gave me this opportunity to reach people and grow closer to Him, - Zach

God truly is everywhere and I got to experience Him in an even greater way than ever before here in San Luis, Mexico! You could see Jesus in the faces of His people here. As we prepared ourselves to go out we asked for God to show up and He never failed to meet us in such a real way. There were no barriers between us and the people. No walls, no English/Spanish issues, just God and open hearts waiting to receive. It was amazing to see how God focused ALL of our hearts separately on the same topics. All our studies lined up with each others and our unity was strong through the Word of God. Miracles were happening before our eyes. A woman with Parkinson’s was given peace to her soul and body. She walked around showing her steady hand and claiming Jesus name. God gave us visions for His people and words of wisdom. We strengthened tired and weary believers with his word. And he brought us joy and strength through out the trip. I will never forget San Luis, Mexico and nor do I think that this will be my only trip here. God is moving here and this place is on its way to a revival that I would gladly be a part of. I thank God for letting me be a part of His plan. All the glory to God! – Brittany

The staff we worked with at Caring Hearts was great. Adalberto, Javier and Virginia were sweet to do ministry with. I learned a few things about myself, Do’s Word and people. It was a growing experience. – Derek

My experience with Caring Hearts was one I will never forget. I wasn’t sure how I could make an impact but by the end of the week, I knew I had. Lazara, one of the older girls, wanted to learn how to cut hair and I was able to teach her some. More importantly, I felt I was building her spirit to show her God’s love. She is a shy and quiet girl who has had many hardships but I can see how this place can change people. – Kay

My pop pop, “ Papa Harold” enjoys calling on different people in the group to speak at different times. Had I been called on in a church service here at Bethel church or Manuel’s I would have liked to share the following:

I have been overwhelmed the warm welcome from those that live here in San Luis. With a group of 25 adults, I did not expect so many to make us meals, give up their seats in services, allow us to use there yards for ministry, or even their banos for complete strangers. Secondly, I would say that I am honored to have been able to serve alongside those serving here in San Luis, I have been a “frequenter” of Bethel for many years with Caring Hearts Ministries, and have seen a tremendous growth in the body of Christ here. When driving throughout the city, one can see many established places of worship. When ministering in the villages, it was evident that most have heard the Word of God. Even in the heat of the summer, quite a large number of people gather at the soup kitchen for Bible study. I believe that our group could have gone to a church service every night had we wanted to. The few that we did visit were completely packed with standing room only. This is evidence to me that those here are laboring for the Kingdom and making disciples. Those leaders and laborers in San Luis, those that live here are doing it right. Their city is being blessed by it. Christ is glorified in it. I am honored to serve with them. I only wish I saw the same growth in the United States. I want to know when San Luis can bring a group of missionaries to my home. In hope that these words would be encouraging to the body, I would have like to share this with the church in San Luis, Mexico. -Kristi


Wow! It has been a while since I posted at this blog. I was on vacation, had a wonderful time visiting my brother and his family in England. Now we are back and getting back into the grove. If you are interested in knowing about our vacation, I will be posting a travelogue little by little at this address: In the mean time, enjoy the continued reports from Caring Hearts.