Saturday, December 10, 2011


Hey Everybody!

It has been a while since I have reported.  Shortly after my last updated we had 4 groups come in one after the other, filling our November with much activity.  I am finally getting a chance to get settled and let you know what has been going on here at Caring Hearts.

The first group that came in was the Sames Family from Pennsylvania, for a short trip.  They blessed our children with their presence and love.  Kerrianne as been a faithful supporter in many ways, and this was a time for her family to learn why she loves Caring Hearts so much.  They spent time with the children of Bethel and Oasis.

The Sames Family with Oasis boys. 

Shortly after, our next group came in from Walnut Grove Assembly of God, Pittsburgh PA.  Leaders Bob and Lori lead a fine group in the construction of a house for Bethel worker Minerva, and they also spent time with the kids, shut ins and garbage dump workers.  Here are some pictures from their trip:  

Working on the Septic Tank

Framing Minerva´s House

Walnut Grove Group 

At the Garbage Dump

Praying for Minerva and her Family

The day Walnut Grove left, the first of two groups from St. Ferdinands in Cranberry PA arrived.  They did some painting at the Kino school, spent quality time with the kids at Oasis and Bethel, visited shut ins, the soup kitchen and the dump.  The next St. Ferdinand´s group dedicated their time to finishing Minerva´s house, helping with another shut ins home and some tile work at Kino.  They also visited shut ins, the dump and spent time at Bethel and Oasis.  

Now we are gearing up for our Caring Hearts Christmas.  We have a special prayer need.  The Mexican Customs has a new administrator, and he has been very difficult when it comes to giving permits to bring in donations duty free.  Many locals from Arizona and Caring Hearts Sponsors want to bless San Luis, but we are having a hard time getting things across freely.  Please pray that God will open up the Heart of Mr. Vargas so we can help folks like you bless the people.  If you are planning to send gifts to Caring Hearts, please write to me for special instructions.  We have two large local groups who are planning to truck loads of stuff across, I am submitting permits Monday in hopes we will be granted favor.  Please Pray!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Our Education Initiative group has designed a calendar to help raise funds for this worthy cause.  What is the Education Initiative?  It is a group of Caring Hearts who are sponsoring children from Bethel, giving them the opportunity to receive a private school education.  By purchasing a calendar for you, family and friends, you can be a part of this exciting program for our kids.  It is a quick and easy online transaction that will get you a beautiful calendar and help our kids, all for only $20.  Click on the link below and order yours today:

Click Here to Order Your Calendar Today!


The children from Caring Hearts who are attending the Kino Elementary school are participating in a Knowledge fair this week.  It is a chance to show things they are learning in their English and Spanish classes to their parents and guardians.  Here are some pictures from the 2nd Graders participation.


Ephesians 5:1-2
“Follow God’s example, therefore, as dearly loved children and walk in
the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a
fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.”
They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If you really like someone you tend to, at least in some small way, emulate them; you want to be like them. Down through the decades I can remember the fads and fashions inspired by celebrities and other people in the public eye.

We all have old pictures of ourselves with hair styles and clothing that make us cringe when we see them. Why? Because they have gone out of style and that which once looked cool and contemporary now looks ridiculous. You never have to worry about that if the one you are imitating is Jesus. Of course it’s not a physical similarity that we’re called to have. God doesn’t expect us to grown long hair and a beard and wear a robe and sandals. It is a replication of character, a conforming to a standard no other human has ever displayed. If you are going to reflect Christ you have to “Live a life of Love”, not a life of selfishness, greed, anger or ignorance. Jesus showed the love of God in everything He did and every word He spoke. What greater love could a person have than to offer His life as a sacrifice to God?

When you serve through Caring Hearts, whether you are feeding hungry people in the villages, or caring for children at the orphanage, singing, preaching or building, you offer yourself to God and your deeds of kindness rise up to Him as a sweet fragrance. This month is the Medical Mission trip that brings healing to the soul as well as the body.

Please pray for all those going and serving and for those poor souls in pain waiting for a healing in their life. As you do, imagine God taking a deep breath inhaling the sweet aroma of the offerings being made.

God Bless you All
Pastor Gary

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The folks from the blind center are learning a sport for the blind called goal ball.  It consisted of bowling a bell filled medicine ball at three players on the other side of a basket ball court.  They must listen and dive to stop the ball.  Here are some pictures from a recent practice.  They are planning a national tournament right here in San Luis next month.  


October 5-10 we held our annual medical clinic.  We were in two locations each day and provided medical, dental, chiropractic and optical care.  We also preached the gospel to each person who went through the clinic and gave out food and New Testaments.  This year we saw 3,740 patients and gave out 4912 different treatments.  Praise the Lord, we registered 498 salvations.  God moved in many ways and the people of San Luis were blessed.


After 11 years of waiting, Sebastian was finally registered thanks to the work of Ines, Adalberto and the folks at Social Services.  His parents showed no interest in doing this simple procedure, and we had tried different channels till we finally found a way to legitimately make him a Mexican.  So meet Sebastian Montoya Balderas, 11 year old Mexican from San Luis Rio Colorado.

Monday, August 22, 2011


2nd Graders Kitzia, Kassandra y Eliza

 4th Graders Magali, Karla and Vanessa with a new friend.
6th Grader Dulce

3rd Graders Alberto and Alex
 First Grader Luis
First Day Assembly.

6th Graders Ricardo and Sebastian

Director Altagracia motivates the crowd.

First Day Assembly

Friday, August 19, 2011


This summer I threw down the gauntlet for Pedro and the some cabinets for Marcelo.  They took up the challenge and successfully completed and hung the cabinets.  Here are some pictures of the finished work.

They are now working on a new sink for the group kitchen bathroom.  We thank God that Pedro and the boys have learned carpentry and have added that to their list of skills that will help them in the future.


Here are some testimonies from the third group we hosted this Summer, along with some pictures.

Visiting the Blind Center

Movie Night at the Sombra Church

Ministering in the Rehab Center

Praying in the Rehab Center

God is working and moving in mighty ways! What a privilege and an honor to be included in this ministry. This week, I learned more than ever that once you’re a Christian, this life is not about us. It is about being used by God to reach a lost world for Jesus. He has bought us at a price, and what a joy it is to submit to being used by Him to be His hands and feet. If it is His will, I hope to return very soon. Soli Deo Gloria! – Brad 

Kids Ministry during Movie Night.  

This trip marks a declaration I have made to God. I desire to give Him everything. Every moment, Every breath. When we were traveling down here I realized that I was using this trip to run away from the mess that is my life at home. I felt so overwhelmed by all my problems. But this week, God shifted my focus. He used the many amazing experiences to touch my heart and make me realize that it is not about me… it is about Him. Seeing the lives of the people in San Luis and their hardship gave me a better perspective of the miniscule trials that I have in my own life. Through the empowering of Christ that I received here, I am eager to return and see God heal my life as I give it all to Him. – Brittany
Crowd arrives for movie night. 

This was my second trip to Caring Hearts orphanage and once again I have been blessed! The people of San Luis are gracious and loving, even though I came to minister to them they ministered to me. Thank you all for allowing me to come and share life with you this week. Dios le Bendiga! – Rebecca 

Prayer time during street ministry. 
I came down here excited to see everyone for my 5th trip. I expected to know what we would be doing and have fun doing it. Unfortunately, I ended up with an ear infection making everything much more challenging. Regardless this was my favorite of my 5 trips and I’m blessed to have gotten to serve with such an awesome group of people. – Brittany 

Sharing the word in the street. 
I came on this trip to conquer my fears of opening up what God has placed on my heart. Learning that is the attack of the enemy. I don’t have to worry about anyone judging me. We have al been there at least one time or another. Holding back when I may have something little to say and it could be a blessing somehow in a major way. I had no idea what o expect on this trip but I can tell you that I’ve shared, loved, matured and ultimately have grown close to the Lord. This is what it’s all about building His Kingdom. Losing myself in the Lord and Loving it! – Brandy 

Visiting Shut Ins
This was my second time and I am yet again blown away by the amazing time I have had. God has shown me miraculous things I had been asking to see, salvations staying in the spirit and more. I have disappointed myself with not being fully free of fear in speaking to people but there was victory for me to share with the Rehab center and the women’s jail.  I love the children with all my heart and the have a part of me here in San Luis. God bless the beautiful children of God from San Luis – Joanna 
Painting Oasis. 

Everytime I am here, something new grabs my attention. This year it was shut-in ministry. These people are truly needy and benefit greatly from our visits. I’m not sure if they are gaining all the benefits, though, because I learn something about myself and how God prompts my heart with a leaning for His people. Of all the wonderful things Caring Hearts does in San Luis, the shut-ins is one of my favorite ministries. – Kay

Painting Oasis
I went to the drug rehab center with about 5 other people from our group. At the beginning of a testimony Mario asked to see the hands who were “forced” to come to listen to us speak. About 6-8 people raised their hands. After we all shared we asked those who wanted to accept Christ as their King to raise their hands and almost all of those who were “forced” to come raised their hands, along with about 20 other people. This showed me how awesome and powerful our God is. I saw 30 or more people come up and ask for prayer. It really blessed me and impacted me in a way that is hard to explain. Exodus 15:11 “Who among the gods is like you, o Lord? Who is like you – majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders?” – Victoria