Tuesday, June 30, 2009


On Wednesday night June 17th the sound of the heavy rain on the Sanctuary roof was so loud I moved my Bible Study to the foyer. As soon as I was set up the power went off, but it came back on so I continued. As I spoke our Youth Pastor came in with his laptop and showed me a tornado warning for our town. Somehow we got through the Bible Study and no tornadoes touched down. Everybody stood around talking and having coffee waiting for the rain to let up, but it never did. Our area recorded 4-5 inches of rain in a 3 hour period. Roads were washed out and people had to be rescued from their cars. All of our folks got home safe except for our Children’s Pastor and his 5 year old daughter. They slept in his office. Renee’ and I drove through some pretty deep water, something you should never do, but we made it and our house on top of a hill was dry as a bone. But hundreds of homes and businesses weren’t as fortunate. Six days later they are still cleaning up. I’ve been frustrated and angry being detoured all over the place just to go a few miles.

But I started thinking about the people in San Luis. I remember one trip where we saw city workers dig a deep trench for a water line. At the end of the day they packed up and left the open hole with no signs or lights to warn drivers. We are blessed to have so much and although we’re inconvienced from time to time by natural disasters, we still have clean water, power and the necessities we need. In Mexico and many other places around the world, these things are luxuries. Thank you for supporting Caring Hearts and remember, You are Blessed. Give thanks with a grateful heart.

God Bless you all.
Pastor Gary


Summer has begun in San Luis and it is HOT!!! Right now we are hosting a group from Monroeville Assembly of God, who are painting at Bethel, doing VBS and ministries around San Luis. The kids are out of school and all will be going on to the next grade. Pray for us as we organize and prepare for the next school year while at the same time keeping the children active during the Summer Vacation.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Here is a testimony from our intern this summer. Staci spent 6 weeks teaching English and praise dances to the children and did an excellent job.

I came to Mexico last summer for 1 week and fell in love with it. When I left, I prayed that I would be given the opportunity to come back and see the children that I had come to adore. In January, I got the okay to come back not for one week, but for six weeks! I was so excited! As time came closer, the scare with the drug voilence and swine flu made my parents, and myself, question if this was something I should really be doing. In the end, God made it obvious that it was.
I thought six weeks was so much time. I would come down and teach english classes, play with the kids, and then come home and start my job and move on with my life. But for anyone that has been to San Luis, you understand that its impossible to just "move on" after being there. The kids absolutely changed my life. Classes were difficult and I had moments where I was so frustrated, but at the end of the day, the kids won my heart. God taught me a lot about what it means to be a teacher in school but also about teaching others about His love. Loving those kids made me see just how much God loves us and how big our God truly is.


A number of Caring Hearts children graduated different levels this week. Some of our 6th graders finished elementary school from Eden, and we also had some preschoolers graduate from Kindergarten. Laura finished her time of Elementary school as well, with a perfect A+ report card. Enjoy the pictures.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Kendi Blose graduated from Preschool with a great ceremony. Enjoy it all with this video:


Rosita, a long time resident of Bethel, graduated Junior High School this year. Here is a video of her receiving her diploma. We thank God that He is working in her life.
Papa Harold was able to attend and proudly observe his "daughter" make this next step in her life.


The Allison Park group also hosted a dinner for Bible school students and graduates. Over 70 attended and enjoyed a barbecued chicken dinner. Papa Harold and Pastor Leake shared inspiring messages, and each student shared how God was using them in the ministry. Adalberto received special recognition for his work as the director of the Doers of the Word Bible School. All were blessed to hear that almost all the graduates in attendance were involved in some sort of ministry. Enjoy the pictures:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


A diverse group from Pennsylvania, Ohio and Arizona joined together to bless the people of San Luis last week. They were led by our long time pastors Jim and Becky Leake, and were accompanied by our director Harold McKamish and his grandson Joe Osborne. They worked on the soup kitchen extension, ministered in the rehab centers, shut ins and churches, and also spent quality time with the children. They blessed the Oasis crew taking them to Burger King and a movie their last night. Here are some pics and a testimony.

This was my 3rd time going to Mexico with Caring Hearts and each trip is filled with new and exciting experiences. One of those new experiences was on our last night when the men in our group, the Oasis boys and several of the Caring Hearts leaders and their families all went out to dinner at Burger King and a movie. Everybody had a fun time and new friendships were built. If you’ve been to Bethel one time I’d really encourage you to not take a “been there, done that” attitude, but instead go back again. Your trip will be both familiar and new at the same time. Our construction projects for the week consisted of working on an expansion to the soup kitchen and installing smoke alarms and emergency lights at the orphanage. We worked hard but also had a great time. Of course playing with the kids at Bethel is fantastic as always. If you really want to make a kid connection consider being a sponsor, it’s a wonderful thing. Sometimes this phrase is overused, but I truly believe that God really is in that place. It’s easy to sense the love that’s there, and that kind of “others first” love only comes from Him. I thank God for my time spent there, the relationships I’ve built, and the experiences I’ve had. Looking forward to my next trip!!! - Todd


We had a nice group from Cornerstone Ministries from Delmont PA visit us the second week of June. They spent time painting the main dorm buildings of the orphanage and also ministered with the children and around the community. We hope you enjoy their pictures and testimonies:

Thank you God for this journey of renewal in my life! and a chance to meet Senor Guadalupe. This is my second trip to San Luis, Sonora. This time was more observant of my physical and spiritual assignment. This time God wanted me to see not only the Mexican people and their surroundings of poverty but He wanted me to acknowledge their love for Him. Even at the dump as we testified and preached there was an “amen”. At the senior citizen home there was joy every time we mentioned Jesus. In the villages and the churches the praise and worship was awesome. From the old to the young, I saw God in every aspect of this trip. Our leadership was “phenomenal”. Jamie along with her husband, Travis Clawson, were real team leaders. Jamie not only assigned tasks but worked right along side of the ones given the most difficult of tasks. All the team were loyal to work assignments and to the children. – Evelyn

Last year I came and really connected with one little girl. I came back the next year and she wasn’t here. I was really upset, but then I saw all the other kids and I remembered they all need love too. It is as if Jesus would say that He loved one person or species more than the other, but he doesn’t. He loves everything! – Hannah

Before I came here I was struggling with body image. I was recovering form a year and a half of bulimia and anorexia. On this trip God totally healed me through the love of his children. I ‘m no longer recovering – I’m healed. – Lia

Every trip is different. This one was blessing because of the way God moved in my heart to step out in faith and give testimony to His love for all people. – Dee

This is my third trip to Mexico – and the same thing happens every time – we come to be a blessing and instead leave having been blessed. I just hope the ones we came to serve felt God as much as we did. Thank you! – Jamie

Being on this trip really gives you a sense of the hurting world and the simple acts a person can do to have an effect. The trip is life changing and gives an idea of what the real ministry the Bible talks about is. – Philip

This is my third year at Caring Hearts and this has been the best year so far. This year, I truly felt like I was helping and making a contribution to the Mexican people. I definitely plan on continuing to come to San Luis each year until I can stay in the summer perhaps. Another thing I realized this year was how much of a help it is to the community and people. I hope this facility will continue functioning for many years to come. God bless Caring Hearts! – Becky

What I liked most about the trip is helping to paint the orphanage and being with the kids and explore the Mexico area to learn about the people. They have almost nothing compared to what we have in the United States. – Travis


I had promised a report on this event a couple of weeks ago. Fran and Juana organized a baby welcome for Paola and Aaron David. It was to have been a shower, but Aaron decided to come early. Silliness abounded as the ladies dressed up and acted like babies in different contests. Fun was had by all and Paola and her baby were blessed. Enjoy the pictures!!!


We're back! It has been a while since I have done some posting here. For those who check on a regular basis, sorry about that! I know what it is like to check friends blogs and not get any news, we all start to worry. Everything is going OK, just been busy.

I wanted to give the final result of our last poll. I wanted to know more about who checks us out, and the results show that our more recent visitors are those who come to the blog (and fill out the poll!) 80% of the 51 who filled out the poll have been here in the last year and a half. We have 13% who have not been in over 2 years, and 3 faithful viewers who have never been to San Luis, 5% of the total. Thank you for filling out the poll.

Our new poll looks into the future. Let us know if you will be coming THIS year, NEXT year or if you are hoping to coming. If you will not be able to visit or live here, let us know as well. Thanks for caring for Caring Hearts and keep on checking in, more reports on the way!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Wow, it has been a while since I posted. I was hoping to do something daily, but we have just been swamped with groups, graduations and other activities that have kept us busy. I will be working on some reports in the next few days, so don't fret. We are still here and working in San Luis, all is well as we enter into a busy Summer. Stay tuned and keep checking in!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009


This past Thursday 16 were baptised at the Caring Hearts church. They include three ladies who were saved through the ministry of Brother Pedro and his Bible Study in Oasis. Here are some pictures.


Here are some pictures of Paolas baby boy Aaron David. He was dedicated in the Caring Hearts Church last Thursday. Soon we will have a report from the Baby´s welcome party. He is doing well as is his mother.


Here are some testimonies from the Renuevo Group who came in from Portland Oregon.

My heart has been touched in many ways while visiting Bethel and Oasis. One of the highlights was to see Rosita and her brother lead worship in such unity and love! It touched my heart to see their love for the Lord and how effective Caring Hearts has been to instill fear and love for God. - Flor

In Portland before we came to Mexico, my husband and I had plans to cut our sons hair. My husband said it would be better to get it done in Mexico to bless someone there. The day after we arrived I saw a young lady cutting her brother´s hair. I could sense the love she had for him as she asked him how he like the haircut, and I could perceive something very special in that moment between them. I told my husband about what I saw, and we thought it would be good that she cut our son´s hair. The next day I spoke to her, and I asked her her name and talked with her. Even more special, that evening, she and her brother ministered the praise time for the leader´s conference, it was a great blessing to see them minister together. After the service I asked her if she would cut my son´s hair, and she said she didn´t know that well, she just cuts her brother´s hair, but if I liked the way his hair was done, she would do it. It was a deal. The next day as she cut Elihu hair (he was very quiet the whole time), I continued to talk with the bravest girl I know, a worker, strong, God fearing, studious, filled with dreams and a sweet and beautiful spirit. To know Rosita has been one of the biggest blessings for my heart. I am taking her back with me in my heart. I will pray for her and the rest as God has place something special in my life. I am amazed but I remember all the names of the girls at Bethel, which is strange because I am not good with names. - Maggie

It was our first missionary trip. I think it was a great experience for my own boys Josue (14) and Dani (12). They let me spend time with the boys with no problem because they know they have me as their dad and I will be with them always but the kids here don´t have a father so they were totally OK with it. - Elias


Hey Everybody,

We got another dog! His name is Fluffy and we got him to be a companion for Spanky. They are doing well. Also Kendi made a new friend from Oregon, from the Renuevo group. Enjoy these cute pictures.